Students can embrace a healthy lifestyle



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In the whirlwind of school, work and family obligations it’s important for students to remember to take care of their bodies. Here are a few tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Eat better.

Students can visit farmers markets to purchase a wide range of locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. Every Wednesday from 8am-12:30pm, the Certified Farmers Market takes place in the parking lot of the Palm Spring Art Museum in Palm Desert (72-559 Hwy. 111), less than two miles away from COD!

Keep an eye out for campus visits from the FIND Food bank, an organization that brings students free food and live music monthly. They provide students with ingredients such as canned goods, fruits, vegetables, rice and much more. For more details on FIND Food Bank call 760-862-1317.

Remember to exercise.

Whether it be a hike up the bump and grind or a yoga session by the lake at civic center park, adding exercise to your daily routine can help improve your overall health. COD also offers a wide variety of kinesiology classes including basketball, pilates and weight training.

“Exercising gives me energy, and makes me feel better throughout my day.” COD Health Science major, Jasmin Perez, tells the Chaparral.

Make sure to get enough sleep.

Good sleep is fundamental to good health. Experts at the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at promoting healthy sleep and safety, says the amount of sleep a person needs is highly variable and that some people need more than others. The key to getting better sleep can be as simple as getting a new pillow or adding a mattress pad to your bed.

The health services office at COD is available for all students. They offer free services to support students in achieving their educational goals by maintaining physical, mental and emotional health. For more information visit COD Health Services or contact them at 760-776-7211. 

Students can improve their health by eating right, exercising and sleeping enough. When the mind and body are well taken care of, students are able to be more successful in their classes.

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