Don’t leave a footprint: Starbucks going green



Photo courtesy of Starbucks. Tiny Starbucks made from four shipping containers and other recyclable materials.

Starbucks, known for its unique take on beverage sizes and taste in drinks is now going from Venti to Grande. Starbucks is taking an initiative to go green! The coffee giant is now downsizing in order to help save the planet and perhaps the time people spend in line at one of their normal size stores.

It all started in 2011 when Starbucks opened it first modular store in Tukwila, Washington. Starbucks is already known for being a fan of going green, seeing as in the past they have promoted their new ecologically friendly stores and have worked hard to promote reusable cups to reduce the waste. This new 450 square foot store is made from four reclaimed shipping containers and it offers both drive-through and walk-in service.

Starbucks promotes that these tiny stores have a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional cafes, taking less water and energy to operate it. Starbucks has built 45 of these modular coffee shops all over the country, taking a hint and trying out the ever growing trend of tiny houses. The biggest appeal that these tiny stores seem to have, besides being ecologically friendly, is the fact that Starbucks can gauge the tastes of their company and how well a store might do in the location its in before spending the time and money to commit a normal-sized store there.

For example, in Northglenn, Colorado. Starbucks moved a store that was originally opened in 2012 to a location that was about a mile away from the old location. After the tiny store became popular in that neighborhood, Starbucks replaced it with a larger cafe and the mini location was moved across town.  Starbucks hasn’t directly commented on whether or not they would officially start making these tiny stores more of a permanent thing, but for now they leave coffee lovers in suspense while continuing to test this experiment out.

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