Galaxy S9 has many new features



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Samsung’s newest flagship phone device, the Galaxy S9 has been announced.

The S9 will be available in two models, the S9 and the larger screen S9+. The design of the S9 is mostly unchanged from the S8, it has an aluminum body chassis and a curved near bezel less display. The screen size for the S9 is 5.8 inches wile the S9 plus comes in at 6.8 inches. Both are quad hd super AMOLED displays.

The S9 will have an octa core processor with 4gb of RAM, while the S9+ will have 6GB of ram. The S9 and the S9+ have 3000mah and 3500 ma batteries respectively. The phones will have a dedicated button to use Samsung’s digital virtual assistant, Bixby. While most phones are doing away with the headphone jack, the S9 retains its headphone jack.

The S9 introduces new features, which mainly revolve around its camera, Samsung is advertising is as “the camera reimagined”. The camera is unlike any other mobile phone camera. The camera is more like a real camera than a mobile phone camera. It is able to switch between different apertures to insure the best daytime and low light pictures. Currently most smartphone cameras are fixed aperture, which limits their low light performance.

Bixby is much improved from the S8. Bixby is the digital assistant, much like Siri from iOS. It provides assistance from shopping to translation, and the dedicated button is used to talk to Bixby in a walkie talk style.

Samsung has introduced their own version of live emojis to compete with Apples live emojis. The software gives one the ability to create their selfie into an emoji.


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