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Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral. Vero-true social beta app.

New Vero, the true social beta app lands and hopes are high. Vero as described in the google play store is an app for real life. It hands the reigns of who can view the work and or suggestions into the subscribers hands. As an added bonus it’s currently ad-free.

In the world of cell phone apps, we are always looking for the next best social media app. A lot of apps do different things. For example, Instagram is primarily a photographers space. Facebook is primarily family sharing and internet memes. Tumblr is your random hide out for any and all fandoms. One of these apps has permanent residence in anyone’s phone. But use them long enough and problems begin to show. Everyone can’t view everything and sometimes the algorithm the companies use are unreliable.

With Vero the idea is to take all the apps everyone uses for social media and meld them into this one app. Users can set the way they view friends and what the friends view from them. It also allows for friends to be ranked into three different categories, close friends, friends or acquaintances. Artists, businesses or anyone who use this app can decide how much of the content each category sees. The app is slick and beautiful and fairly simple to navigate, it’s able to organize your collections, bundling photos by same location or  creating albums so that vacation photos or family photos can be viewed later.

The app tries to list content in a chronological order, so when something is posted it will be seen at that time and that time only. Pictures, music and suggestions are kept in order as to not over load the viewer with the same thing after a certain amount of time.

Vero was launched in 2015, but as of a few weeks ago its surged in some of the more hardcore social media circles. Users have started to download and within the first few days of it being gossiped about, it managed to surge from 150,000 downloads to nearly 3 million.

Only time will tell in which direction Vero will go. But for those who are looking for a new fan following, hit the Google or Apple play stores and give it a try.


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