Athlete profile: Kyryll Kryvchun



Kyrll Kryvchun (Vancouver) undefeated in singles and doubles play.

In addition to a hit 2017-2018 season for COD Men’s Tennis, freshman Kyryll Kryvchun has shined through this season with being undefeated in conference and non-conference singles play, 14-0.

Kryvchun said, “It feels great having the undefeated record, but I’m more proud of our team’s record. All of us have been working really hard and I think our record shows that.”

The Roadrunners hard work is reflected in their 13-2 overall record, as well as being undefeated in conference (10-0). They had dominance over Imperial Valley, 9-0; and came out on top against Grossmont, 6-3 and San Diego City, 8-1 and San Diego Mesa, 8-1. But COD did not always have Kryvchun in clutch.“My goals are to play my best tennis going into the team regional and state championships and the individual state championships.”

Early in his tennis career, Kryvchun grew up in West Vancouver where he attended Sentinel Secondary School and later Vancouver Learning Network. When he came to COD this 2017-2018 season, he explained his adjustment at first, as trial-some while getting use to the change as well as his battle with injuries he attained in November.

The first three matches with his teammate freshman, Brian Johnson had close results, winning 9-7 against the Santa Barbara City Vaqueors, a fall but close match against the Ventura Pirates, 8-6 but then crushed the Saddleback Gauchos at 8-1. Kryvchun recovered from his injuries quicker than expected, he explained.

Kryvchun surely came back on an undefeated streak. In addition, him and Johnson began cleaning out opponents at doubles-play. Such as: Grossmont, 6-0 and 6-1. San Diego City, 8-2. San Diego Mesa, 8-1. Imperial Valley, 8-0 and Riverside, 8-3. Even with challenges faced by Kryvchun  along the way, he expanded on the idea of his greatest opponent.

Not only has the Riverside Tigers been a challenge where the Roadrunners fell 6-3, Kryvchun explained his greatest opponent is himself.

“You play so many different players that it is always just you on the court. So whenever you are playing the match you really only can focus on the little things about your opponent. But the main thing, is that you [have] to make sure you are mentally there; that you’re physically there, and that you are pushing yourself to win the match. That’s mostly it, because you’ll play many great opponents,” said Kryvchun.

The Roadrunners are currently on a 7-winning streak and Kryvchun, who prioritizes conditioning has remained at work for keeping him and his team healthy, by seeking treatment in the physiological room daily and together arriving to matches mentally and physically prepared.

Kryvchun added,”[My] biggest motivation isn’t keeping the record up but making sure I’m in peak form for the upcoming tournaments. I feel confident in my ability to stay undefeated if I can stay healthy. My goals are to play my best tennis going into the team regional and state championships and the individual state championships.”

Kryvchun wanted to give a shout out to his coach and the trainers, “Coach Ken, he’s been doing an amazing job this season. And the physio-trainers, they’ve been amazing and been keeping most of our team, injury-free. It’s bound to happen in a long season, but they do a very big job and I’d just love to give a thank you to them.”

Come see the team´s first Regional match on April 12 at Grossmont, their opponent is to be announced. The first match for the CCCAA Individual State Championship will begin April 25 through April 29. Come out and support your Roadrunners work toward a golden end.

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