2nd annual Desert Boheme moves to Palm Springs



Photo Courtesy of Coachella Magazine, Flyer for Desert Boheme 2018, a weekend celebration of fashion, music, food + drinks.

The Coachella Magazine presented the 2nd annual Desert Boheme over spring break weekend March 31. It was an event that showcased the musical talent and artistic expression from around the globe. If you look up the meaning of Boheme you’ll find that it means an expression used to define a person with artistic and literary interests. This is exactly what defined the Desert Boheme event.

Over the weekend, Desert Boheme showcased dozens of artists, musicians and fashion designers at the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs. Originally the event was to be hosted at the Indio Performing Arts Center, but due to unforeseen circumstances, was canceled and then changed to The Club, at the Hard Rock Hotel.

The Club at the Hard Rock Hotel is an underground club that brings the feeling of seclusion and exclusivity. With its modern architecture, Desert Boheme transformed the club into a whimsical, indigo, underground disco. The event took place from 5-10 and was free for 21 and up. The night kicked off with local music by A//Lara and Irowlow, then progressed to bigger names such as Minus Gravity and Chanel WestCoast, who is formerly known from shows such as MTV’s Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

All throughout the club, there were local vendors selling art and clothing. Outside the club, artist Anthony Cioffi painted a large mural for all to see and be a part of. Visitors from all around the globe stopped by and checked out Desert Boheme in Palm Springs. The fact that it was also Dinah Shore weekend helped as well, as there was much traffic all around downtown. Local valley resident and College of the Desert student, Veronica Beltran, who has attended Desert Boheme before said, “It was obviously a different crowd from last year. Last years event was held at the IPAC and was open to all ages, there was evidently more space and more musicians than this years, but the fact that it was a 21 and up crowd this year, really differentiated the vibe, everything was great and I look forward to the next Desert Boheme event.”

In summation, Desert Boheme is a weekend celebration of fashion, music, art, food and drinks, right here in our backyard. Desert Bohemes goal is to unlock a location for all creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and designers to showcase their brand and latest work.

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