Camping options at Coachella



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Going to Coachella to listen to your favorite artists is part of the Coachella experience. Camping at the event can also be part of an even greater experience.  Every year, thousands of festival goers camp at Coachella. Camping is done nearby on site or in multiple locations, with onsite camping starting on Thursday ending on Sunday.

Campers can either stay in tents or vehicles like cars or vans, but no oversize RVs. The campsite itself is limited and in order to camp with friends, your group has to arrive together to reserve the spot. Services such as showers are provided and they are free of charge.

On-site car campsites are 10’x30′. The sites are good for four days and once your vehicle is parked there it cannot move. Only cars, trucks, or vans are allowed on vehicle campsites. No RVs trailers or motorhomes are allowed on vehicle campsites. Tent only campsites are smaller at 10’x15′, and they can have as much people as they can comfortably fit. All campers must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by a legal guardian. Each camp attendee must have a festival pass.

Multiple locations exist to camp, including Lake Eldorado. All standard amenities are included at the Lake Eldorado location and they include other exclusive features such as teepee tents. The tents are available with sleeping bags and pillows you can keep. Any leftover sleeping bags and pillows will be donated to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission. For more privacy and the feeling of a home, safari tents can be rented. They include private restrooms, showers and access to private parking lots.

As fun as camping with friends and family can be, rules apply. Basic rules include no open flames or torches. Weapons are strictly prohibited and each camper will be searched upon entry.  The introduction of branded pop up canopies and tents are also prohibited as well as wrapped vehicles featuring advertisements. Drugs, including marijuana are prohibited. Coachella organizers want campers to be courteous to each other, therefore large speakers and amplified music are banned.

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