Students hear from experts about careers in public safety



Photo Courtesy of the Chaparral. Public Safety guests shared advice to COD students about pursing a job in law enforcement.

College of the Desert’s Career and Workforce Solutions Center (CWSC) presented a special law enforcement panel March 21 in the Cravens Multi-Purpose room. The panel consisted of notable professionals working in law enforcement fields such as attorneys, a former sheriff, FBI agents and police officers.

Career panels give students an opportunity to meet skillful professionals, that help broaden their knowledge on jobs in their future profession. Frank Ramirez, a counselor at COD said, “career panels provide excellent opportunities for students to connect with professionals already working in the field that they aspire to get into.” The career fair gives students a chance to build relationships with potential employers. “The guests often serve as mentors to our students after meeting them at these type of events,” adds Ramirez.

Many young adults have different ideas of what their future profession might consist of. “Choosing the right career is one of the most important parts of life,” according to Listening to professionals who have expert knowledge can help create a more realistic picture of what that future job might be. “These speakers provide years of experience and expertise, they share information with students as a way to encourage and inspire them,” said Ramirez.

“Love your work, love your life,” are some words of advice given by John Patrick Dolan a criminal trial lawyer and President and CEO of the California Desert Trial Academy College of Law. Retired Riverside County Sheriff Sabas Rosas reminded students to never forget where they came from and to always respect the pride of others. The guest speakers stressed the importance of taking the right classes such as public speaking, critical thinking, English or even a debating class. They all agreed these types of courses can help students succeed in a public safety career.

COD student, Wyatt Bockler is majoring in criminal justice, he said, “the many life experiences shared and diverse backgrounds shows that you do not know where life is going to take you.” The guest speakers also provided some “do’s and don’ts” for students when applying and interviewing for jobs.

All satellite campuses have access to events like this one. Director of the Career and Workforce Solutions Center,  Robert J. St. Juliana said, “all campuses are encouraged to join the CWSC. It offers many workshops and classroom presentations.” The CWSC will host many more events in the future. The center specializes in producing workshops, career panels, job fairs, open houses and networking opportunities.

Bockler said he would recommend this event to other fellow students, because “you don’t know how or what the industry is like until you talk to people in it.”

Even for students who are not looking for a career in public safety attending a workshop can still provide benefits, the speakers share universal messages that anyone can relate to.

For additional information visit the CWSC website at or call (760) 674-7799


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