Poll: Has Facebook scandal lost users trust?



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In June 2014, a researcher named Aleksandra Kogan created a personality-quiz app for Facebook. According to the Atlantic, ” the test was greatly influenced by a similar personality-quiz app made by the Psychometric Center at Cambridge University where Kogan worked.” Kogan’s app was installed by 270,000 people on their Facebook account adds the publication.

Kogan’s app allowed him to access data, by saving personal information instead of immediately deleting it. “The information gathered contained about 50 million Facebook private database,” according to the Atlantic. This information was provided to the voter-profiling company Cambridge Analytica. The company used it to make 30 million “psychographic profiles about voters,” adds the Atlantic.

The Guardian referred to the data misuse as a “breach.” A Facebook executive tweeted,” no systems were invaded, no passwords or information were stolen or hacked.” Facebook stated that it learned about Kogan’s private database in 2015.

Many people are changing the way they use social media in the aftermath of the Facebook scandal according to USA Today. So we asked College of the Desert students, “Do you trust social media apps with your information?”

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Garrett Wilson, COD English major

“I do not trust social media because there could be personal hackers, trying to mess with my account.” Wilson also suggests, “Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites should find newer ways for people to keep their information more private.”









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Destiny Cameron, COD health major

“No I believe anything that is shared on social media can be exposed. Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram all have the eligibility to go through your account and look at personal photos, conversations, etc. and use it against you.”










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Natasha Robles COD nutrition major

“Hell no. Anyone can hack into Facebook and people can use people’s identities or steal information.” Robles states. She has also deleted her Facebook account.”










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Kimberly Rivera COD criminal justice major  

“It is difficult to trust after seeing everything that has occurred with Facebook, I feel afraid to be online and I have definitely limited using my social media accounts.”










According to NBC news, ” Facebook needs to prove that they deserve consumer trust.” Companies must prove they can and will protect user privacy adds the publication.




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