A unique perspective of Coachella…then and now



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Coachella has come and gone, and how things have changed in the 18 years, from the addition of a weekend, the move from rock to rap, and the moving and large additions to the grounds, its time we talk about them. For anyone who has ever gone, you know how exciting the lead up is, just to be surprised about what it is really like, either pleasantly or disappointing,  so I, a five year Coachella veteran, am here to give you the truths surrounding the mysterious world of Coachella Fest.

The addition of another weekend happened in 2012, due to many not getting the chance to go as it sold out so quickly. After this, President of Goldenvoice, Paul Tollett, added the weekend so many more people could go. Though around this time the festival moved from more indie and Rock based music, to more popular mainstream stuff, being mostly Rap. This has caused more disgruntled attendees than the elimination of one day passes in 2009.

So Coachella has changed, is that so bad? Its a toss up depending who you ask, many people, especially those interested in rock, feel as though Coachella has sold out to the mainstream media, but those who enjoy what you hear on the radio are happy to shell out the literal hundreds if not thousands it takes to go. That’s right, this year a one weekend, General Admission pass, cost $429, a thirty dollar increase from last year, and VIP cost $999, of course all before add on’s like on site camping or shuttle passes. Nott to mention buying the perfect clothes for your well thought out Instagram photos, because lets be honest we have been bookmarking inspiration for months, and the food while there, a cheeseburger for $18? expensive but I am still going to buy it, and not even to mention merch, but you have dug yourself a nice financial hole.

This sounds like a lot of negatives surrounding North Americas biggest music festival, and it is but just like Yin and Yang, all good has some bad, and all bad has some good. The positive changes come from this years brilliantly reconstructed lay out, as well as the addition of space in the Sahara Tent, meaning the most exciting news of all, more room to dance. This also means more room to have fun with your friends and not be anxious and packed into a crowd like sardines.

And for the performance change, there is less Indie, they do not headline anymore, but i bet if you look at some of that real small fine print, aka the people who play early in the day, long before the main event, you will find a lot of the bands you are into. Coachella has moved mainstream, but by doing that it has allowed for amazing expansions on the grounds, better security, and better overall safety and comfort while you are there, unless you make my mistake and wear heeled boots day two and are still suffering from the blisters.

Coachella a magical place that has changed and evolved with the times, much like you and me, has made some positive and some disappointing choices, bu those are different in everyone’s eyes. Excitement is the big thing that surrounds the festival, and even inside, the one thing that has never changed is the positive and happy go lucky energy that oozes from the festival and its goers.

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