Breaking bread at Beeps Cafe



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral

When a College of the Desert student is in need of sustenance, the Beeps Cafe is often the first location that comes to mind. Both the cafeteria and kitchen have been serving both COD students and faculty at the Palm Desert campus for many years.

The Beeps Cafe has a long history at COD, with an origin story that would set in stone the continuing image of the cafe’s mission: to serve College of the Desert.  According to Beeps Manager, Jon McMahon, the cafeteria was originally run by the culinary arts students and faculty; as the facilities were originally used to teach the classes.

Beeps Cafe is managed by Pacific Dining. McMahon said the switch happened in 2015. Pacific Dining is a corporate food service management company that provides food and drink for over a million customers annually across California. Founded in Silicon Valley in 1989, the company now provides a variety of services; from catering for government corporations to supplying convenient, yet premium food for campus cafeterias such as Beeps Cafe.

Students at COD can attest to the quality of the food served at Beeps. Student Gus Alvarez sang his praises for the café stating that, “The food is great, there’s a lot of different options for everyone.”

With its open and welcoming atmosphere, the Beeps Cafe also provides a community environment for students and staff to interact and spend time with one another. COD student Frankie Rivera, told the Chaparral that, “It’s a really good place to hang out and relax. I met all my friends here. Everyone here is very open, there are many different kinds of people that you meet that you wouldn’t normally find in class.”

The Beeps Cafe is located west of the Cravens Center, and is open from Monday-Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., and Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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