Chaparral editor bids a final farewell

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As I think about what to write in this farewell letter I can’t help but think about all the great opportunities and memories that The Chaparral newspaper experience has left me with. I want to personally congratulate the class of 2018 at College of the Desert and for the ones not graduating but transferring, congratulations as well.

Being part of The Chaparral for three semesters now has been a wonderful experience that has taught me many things about what it’s going to be like in the real world of journalism. Not only did I get to write, which is my greatest passion, I got to learn how to layout a paper and turn it into something I was proud of and that would inform our college community. The best part about my experience at The Chaparral were the people I met along the way.

I have met some of the greatest people who I will hopefully stay in touch with for many years to come. I want to thank my co-editor, Roman Delara for being a great copy editor this semester. He has done a super job editing the stories that you folks read in the paper. Not only does he edit stories but he also writes for the sports section and has done an amazing job at both roles this semester.

I want to thank my production manager, Robert Graves for being my right hand man. Robert always makes sure we get every important story and information covered. He is always the first one to The Chaparral newsroom and most of the time, the last one to leave. He has worked hard at making sure everything is consistent and smooth sailing during production Fridays and is the main reason why I don’t stress as much as I should.

I want to thank Alejandro Meza-Aguilar for all the graphics that he has provided for The Chaparral.  I want to thank Alexia Mersola for being the advertisement manager this semester and also being the trending editor. I want to thank the entire staff of The Chaparral and the hard work they have put into making this printed and online paper the very best for College of the Desert. The Chaparral would be nothing without all the wonderful writers. Thank you for doing such a great job this semester.

Lastly, I would like to thank Laurilie Jackson. I have known Laurilie since the very first day I started here at COD and I have taken most of her classes throughout my entire time here. Before I started at the Chaparral, I took her writing class and got some of my stories published in the newspaper and at that time I realized I wanted to be apart of The Chaparral news team. Laurilie has been an amazing advisor and a great mentor. Without her wisdom of the journalism field, The Chaparral wouldn’t be what it is today.

Thank you to all the readers out there. Good luck to each and everyone of you and all the adventures you are about to endeavor.


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