COD supports emerging artists

Photo Courtesy of The Chaparral



The annual Student Scholarship Art Exhibition is back at College of the Desert, through May 24. The exhibition is to showcase young artists  in their respective fields who have received scholarship, and give them the chance to sell their work.
To be eligible students must receive a scholarship from the Dumont Foundation, as well as Nancy H. Bacon, Ruth Stark, and Joyce Norton, and be majoring in art or digital design. Only fifteen students,Astrid Acero, Arturo Aguilar, Delilah Avena, Chloe Bahr, Melissa Enriquez-Gonzalez, William Fike, Mai Kemmotsu, Elisha Kolp, Francisco Lemus, Jose Lopez, Lalaine Ramirez, Isel Salazar, Israel Valdez, Abel Venegas and Leah Woodfield, were given the opportunity to not only receive the scholarship, but also be put on display.
These scholarships are to help those in our community not only go to school for their passion, but help to preserve the arts, an area often forgotten about.
An artist reception took place on May 9. Artists showed off their pieces, in hopes of getting discovered and showcase their work. The reception was a great succes. The Marks Art Center was almost full to capacity. By having the artists open the event helped for people to connect with their story, offering support from the artistic world.
COD student Frank Lemus spoke about his paintings and creative background saying, “as an Army veteran I have travelled the world and seen how human energy can be used to create and destroy. I use art to try and bring this to as many people as possible.” Many students shared a touching story about their artistry as well, though the common thing all wanted was for their work to promote peace.
The exhibit will be open for free to all COD students and the surrounding community until May 24. In order to promote budding artists and put a focus onto the COD art community, please invite all friends and family.

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