Student worker offers friendly service at Beeps Café



Photo courtesy of Vanessa C. Figueroa. Michael Triplett working at Beeps Café 

If you’ve ever visited Beeps Café then you most likely know or have seen Michael Triplett. Michael is not only the cashier and barista at Beeps, but also the only student staff member in the cafeteria.

Michael has been working at Beeps Café for 3-4 years and is very well known with regular customers. Tony Garcia, a customer at Beeps said, “He’s [Michael] always very friendly every time I come in, and he seems to know everyone who comes in the cafeteria.” Whenever you go into the cafe, you’ll most likely see Michael serving students and making conversation with anyone and everyone.

He’s not only friendly but also very helpful when it comes to ordering or choosing something from the cafe menus. Michael claims there’s many things he loves about working at Beeps Cafe. “I get to meet the new first year students, see my friends and communicate with all the staff and faculty on campus. This completes my day.” Michael also said, “I like that I can help others complete their dietary food issues with almost anything within Beep’s.”

Many students at COD have never been to Beeps Café or even know it exists. If you heaven’t been, Michael encourages you to go in and try their food, the café has specials every week they post inside. They also have Starbucks coffee and other unique drinks. Michael welcomes students to, “come in and try our different flavors, we have smoothies too.”

Michael plays an important role at Beeps Café and makes it a friendlier place by interacting with all the students. He takes his job seriously which is why many of the students rely on hum to make sure their expectations are met.

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