The graduation gifts that keep on giving



Graduation is an exciting time for both the person graduating and all their friends and family. What better way to commemorate your grad than by making a gift from your own two hands. Buying a graduation gift can be a hassle and searching for the perfect gift can be frustrating and time consuming along with expensive. When choosing a gift for your grad, DIY is the best way to go. Whether it’s something to present to them at the end of their ceremony, like a Lei or flowers, or something that you present to them later at a party, it’s always nice to receive a gift made from the heart.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest. Graduation Cap Mason Jars


Like the traditional holiday mason jars filled with candies and other goodies during the holiday season, this DIY project has a special flare for your grad in mind. Its really easy to do and everything you need to prepare for the project can be found for $1 or less at any store.






  •   3 inch square piece of card stock (In any color ; it would be wise to go with the colors of the school your grad is graduating from)
  • a 1×10 inch strip of card stock (in color you choose)
  •   embroidery thread (yellow or orange)
  • a pint sized mason jar with ring and lid(can be found separate or in bundled packages anywhere, though you want to find the ones with lids)
  • a low temp hot glue gun
  • a brass brad
  •  a long reach hole punch
  • Dollar bills
  • Balloon Ribbon

To start this fun DIY gift, you’ll need to make the tassle with embroidery thread, its easy to make a tassle with a simple youtube tutorial. Then you need to make a small hole with the hole punch in the center of the square piece of card stock in the color of your choice. Pull the long piece of the tassel through the center hole, then push the ends of through the hole. Wrap the long piece of embroidery thread around the brad and secure it down with a piece of tape.

Next, hot glue the ring of the mason jar to the square piece of card stock. Add hot glue to the flat top and press it upside down and center it onto the card stock. Hot glue the long black strip of card stock around the ring and TA DA! You’ve done it.

The final thing that will need to be done is rolling the diploma dollar bills with a sharpie and tying a balloon ribbon around them before sticking them inside the jar.


Cash really is the gift that keeps on giving, so why not give more of it!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest. In case of emergency gift that’s perfect for your grad.


Another fun way to give cash to your grad is by dressing it up for a rainy day! This is a fun way and maybe even a bit of a practical way to send you grad off into the real world!



  • Colored Vinyl
  • Shadow Box
  • Dollars and Change
  • Cricut Explore (OPTIONAL)

To start, you want to first cut out the letters out of vinyl before taking off the glass front to the shadow box frame. Once that is done, place the lettering how you want it on the front of the glass, could say anything from “in case of emergency break glass” to “cash stash,” or even “rainy day fund.” Any of these titles will do.

After figuring out the wording, then find the dollars and change you will be using to fill the shadow box. Depending on the size of your shadow box, you should be able to really fill it up until there is no more room inside.

Please note: Just like any picture frame, the back of the shadow box can detach for easy money removal or even to put more change inside. It is not recommended that they break the glass in case of an emergency for this gift because it can ruin the hard work and thought put into it and it can also hurt someone.



These are super fun and easy to make for your grad on their graduation day. And when we say easy, we really mean easy. There is only two steps to creating the perfect leis for your grad.

What you will need:

  • Money (quite a few dollar bills about $20 dollars worth)
  • Hands
  • Stapler


  1. Start by rolling the bill into thirds (burrito style)

2. Holding the loop together. staple it together with the stapler.

If you choose to, you can add some pop of color to these leis by tying colorful ribbon around the loops or stringing it through them to make a cool pattern.


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