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Journalism for me, began in my 6th grade writing class. I was required to write a mock-up “news article,” style essay of on a baseball game. Little did I know my writing at the time was pointed in the right direction with the incentive given by my teacher who used my article as an example for the class. 

In that moment, I knew something about reporting and writing for a newspaper or a magazine was something I’d be interested in as a career. I did always have an amusing love for the smell of a fresh printed newspaper.

By 2015, after graduating as a multi-sport student athlete from Patriot High School in Riverside, I stuck with my interest and tested the waters of journalism as a freshman at Biola University where I was a freelance reporter with the student-run newspaper, the Chimes.

All the years I attended Biola, it was tough diving head-first into the study of journalism and being required to consistently think like a journalist when conducting interviews, as well as being required to write a news article under deadlines. With that have been hardships, I overcame them the more I wrote and learned as I went.

At this point in the course of my study, journalism for me isn’t about getting your name on the byline of a newspaper or in the caption of a photo, but it is about thinking of people outside yourself and sharing their story to the world.

I admire CNN news anchor and talk show host, Anderson Cooper’s way of explaining how one cannot just “parachute in and tell a story,” rather there needs to be a connection with the people you are telling the story about. You need to truly feel how the subject of the story feels in order to convey their story. This is true in not only journalism but in life, and I aspire to improve in this area as long as I am Editor for the Chaparral. I hope to also do this in reporting and writing. 

2016, I came to College of the Desert to not only continue my education and earn my transfer-Associates degree, but to further my growth in becoming a reporter and photographer who would have the knowledge as well as the strength in her writing and visual skill set, to tell the story of those who don’t have the ability to do it themselves. And that is what I plan to do as your Editor for the Chaparral. 

Even with a small staff this fall semester, I am looking forward to becoming the best at editing and leading by example. I am confident that my staff editors and reporters will bring you the best news with informative content.

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COD, here is your first issue for fall 2018.

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