COD is now a smoke-free campus



Photo courtesy of AP Images.

Smoking at College of the Desert is now banned in all areas ON campus due to a new smoking policy. Even designated smoking areas once known as yellow umbrellas are now off limits for smokers. The policy includes the ban on vaping and all tobacco and cannabis products.

The goal of the new smoking policy is to protect the students and employees health and general welfare.  The push to ban smoking on campus comes from the students. The use of tobacco, including the use of cannabis is prohibited on all campus controlled properties. This now means that smoking is banned on all property that is owned, leased and controlled by the campus. Jose Farias believes the move is a good one. “I think it’s good for health reasons. I think there should be designated areas for smokers, but the problem is some people don’t respect the areas and will smoke everywhere on campus”

The college defines smoking as any means of inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe. Also, any device that creates aerosol or vapor is prohibited. Tobacco products include anything made from or derived from tobacco or nicotine that is intended for human consumption.

According to COD’s Public Safety Department, the new policy went into effect at the end of the Spring 2018 semester but are giving students a grace period before citations are given to allow students and staff to understand the new policy.

COD is working on setting up posters and communicating through various forms of media around campus to inform everyone on campus of the new policy. Students will also receive helpful information about how to quit smoking.

The only smoking that will be allowed will be for approved theatrical rehearsals and performances, determined if the smoking is an important part of the theatrical performance, and the smoking will have to be approved by the college.

The no smoking policy applies to all activities taking place on all campuses including the weekend street fair that takes place at the Palm Desert campus.



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