Movie Review: “The Nun”



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The movie “The Nun” arrived in theaters nationwide on Sept.7 marking the fifth installment of the Conjuring Cinematic Universe rendering all-new chills you would expect from genius horror mastermind, James Wan as the unholy demon Nun Valak played by Bonnie Aarons makes its title debut.

Directed by Corin Hardy, the film takes place at the Saint Cârța Monastery in Romania, 1952 where after an unseen presence causes one of the housing nuns to commit suicide, the Vatican takes immediate action by sending Father Burke (Demian Bichir, Alien: Covenant ) along with novice nun Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story) to investigate the unfortunate event forcing them to confront their deepest fears as they come face to face with the sinister entity. 

The story takes place on an unorthodox setting rather than a place that would be a safe haven where you are terrorized by not only devious nuns but also your deepest fears.

The film does an excellent job of building up suspense with its effective use of sound effects, reinforcing the tone of each scare scene succeeding in keeping audiences invested by anxiously waiting for the next scare jump. 

Furthermore, credit goes to Belgian cinematographer, Maxime Alexandre for rendering stunning visuals of the abbey’s cathedral halls and surrounding areas. The smooth transition from scene to scene is amazing as well as the shot composition that conveys the evil that lurks in every hall. 

The Demon Valak is just as horrifying as she was in the “Conjuring 2” retaining the same fear factor you get by looking at her yellow piercing eyes.

The creators of the movie did not do a good job at creating a strong bond between Burke and Irene. Even though their common goal was to get to the bottom of the Abby’s mystery, they had no true connection other than their service to the church and their motivation to survive from the gruesome nun Valak.

The demon herself lacked a strong origin that should have spoke out as to why she is to be feared. In the “Conjuring 2” Valak rose as a true malefic entity set to wreak havoc on those she tormented by making them feel entirely powerless without any hope. In this case, however, she came across hidden with not a lot screen time.

In the end, Hardy and Wan’s collaboration resulted in a welcoming addition to the franchise possessing the potential for future storylines that could eventually lead to a crossover event. It also answers the question as to how paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren encounter Valak for the first time. 

You can experience the horror film today in IMAX and Cinemark XD at a theater near you. But remember, this nun does not forgive.   



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