New film classes give students more creative options



Photo courtesy of Ramon Ramirez. Vincent Sassone teaching film production class.

Teaching film is Vincent Sassone’s passion. Sassone is an adjunct instructor at College of the Desert and is working on developing a new, relevant, unique film program that offers a variety of courses, a basic and advanced certificate and two associates degrees.

Photo courtesy of Ramon Ramirez. Students filming promo in Theatre Too.

Sassone has had this vision for many years, “I had the opportunity to work on the creation of a film program at a State University of New York (SUNY) college in New York City in 2007-08.”  Sassone loved the opportunity and hopes to build COD’s film program. Sassone is excited about helping COD grow and said when asked to teach film from the new Arts and Media Dean, Kelly Hall in 2017, “it was an offer I could not refuse.”

COD’s film program offers two certificates and two degrees. Basic Film Production, Advanced Film Production and two degrees including an AS in Film Production and an AS-T in Film, Television and Electronic Media. The curriculum includes a variety of courses including film production, screenwriting, cinematography, acting for the camera just to name a few.

Sassone’s students use the latest equipment during classes. “Beginning film program students work with iPads, iMacs, and MacBook Pros as well as lighting, sound and editing accessories,”  said Sassone. His advanced students work with different and more advanced gear including the “Panasonic GH5 and the Black Magic 4K.”

Sassone is excited about offering two new courses in the spring: RTV 14 Acting for the Camera and RTV 12 Production III Capstone.  Sassone hopes to add more courses to the program. He believes this new curriculum will attract more students to the film industry. Sassone also hopes his love of film transfers to the students he teaches. “People need to be able to shape the conversation, not just listen to it, that’s what I hope we accomplish.”

Sassone believes the future of COD’s film program is in good hands. “This is just the beginning.  In the spring, we will move all film production classes to Palm Springs. More classes and equipment will follow in the upcoming years and it will wind up with a big buzzing program in a state-of-the-art new digital media building on the new West Valley campus that’s being built.”

If you are interested in learning more about the film program at COD, check out the many courses Sassone and other film instructors teach on many of COD’s campuses throughout the Coachella Valley.









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