Tattoos becoming a popular form of art



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral.

It’s 2018 and tattoos are not a surprise anymore. Most people you pass by on a day-to-day basis will have some sort of ink on their body. Tattoos are becoming more common and we see all types of tattoos and the different styles, sizes and colors they come in.

In the past, tattoos were not very accepted in society. People with tattoos often found it hard to get certain jobs and even internships. It seems clear that having a tattoo is no longer problematic in the workplace and has become more popular socially.

“It’s a lot different now from when I was younger,” said English Professor, Rick Rawnsley. He explained that in his day the number of people who had tattoos was very limited. The only people who had tattoos were people who most likely served in the war. According to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the use of tattoos as identification continued, spreading to sailors in America. During the American Revolution, sailors’ American citizenship papers were often disregarded by British Navy ships—destroyed in some cases—so seamen tattooed their identification information as a way to avoid being illegally recruited by the British Navy.

“When I first started teaching, [in the 90’s] by that time you didn’t see as many sleeves as you do now, but you still saw quite a few tattoos,” said Rawnsley. The only thing that has changed with tattoos as they become more popular, is that you start to see them in more unusual places.”

Kevan Nixon, who is a Panera Bread restaurant branch manager says he likes the idea of tattoos. “I’ve been managing for years now, and I just come to accept the fact that tattoos are a form of art. Keep in mind, just because tattoos are becoming more normalized, there are still some exceptions. Yeah, tattoos are a form of art, but that doesn’t mean to get them on your face.”

It definitely seems okay to get a tattoo in today’s age, but many feel it’s good to practice moderation and to be careful. Humorously as Kevan Nixon says referring to rap artist Post Malone, “just don’t get an ‘Always Tired’, tattoo right under your eyelids.”

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