Club Rush promotes student involvement



Photo courtesy of Harrison Bluto. Vice President of ASCOD Tiffany Steinlechner.

Several dozen student clubs showed up to represent themselves at COD’s annual Club Rush. The event took place on Sept. 25 and 26 on the Palm Desert campus. This year’s theme was the 80’s and 24 clubs were set up to meet curious students during this old school tradition. We spoke with three of the clubs who were at this year’s event about what they do and the entire club process.

The Gay-Straight Alliance Club exists to help LGBTQ+ people with coming out and to “create a family” and support group at COD.  Marcos Maqueda is a member of the club, and said Club Rush is a great way to “show the student body we’re here.”

Despite the positive impact Club Rush has had on the Gay-Straight Alliance group, Marcos thinks that COD could be doing more to help clubs by offering more public relations. Marcos said the school should, “let us make announcements” and offer more promotional materials such as posters and banners.

Byran Perdue of the Anime Club said Club Rush gives campus clubs a chance to promote themselves and get their names out to the students. The Anime Club is a place for people who have an interest in Manga, anime, and Eastern Asian culture to meet and make new friends. Byran also said COD could do a better job at promoting Club Rush but is overall happy at what the college is doing now.

Cesar Leon is a member of the Computer Science Club. He said Club Rush is not only a great way to get club information out to the students, but it also “shows that computer science is not intimidating.” The Computer Science Clubs’ goal is to provide students with extracurricular credits for their involvement in computer science. Leon said a lot of people get intimidated initially when they hear the words computer science but that through Club Rush, students can talk to the members and see that it isn’t so scary.

Club members say starting a club isn’t an easy process. Leon said that reserving rooms for club meetings is sometimes an issue and that there are often too many hoops to jump, to purchase items such as t-shirts. Associated Students of College of the Desert (ASCOD) Vice President, Tiffany Steinlechner, said ASCOD was responsible for hosting this year’s Club Rush. She had a $3,000 budget that was used for buying pizzas and providing a Carl’s Jr. food truck that offered free food to students attending the event.

Clubs can do more to promote themselves. Steinlechner said that attending the bi-weekly Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings is the place to start. She said, “we have a lot of clubs on campus but some just don’t attend the ICC meetings.

Clubs need to go through these ICC meeting to get advertisement. Steinlechner said, “we can’t have a club doing what they’re not supposed to.” All clubs need to get approval at ICC meetings before Offices of Student Life distributes posters and flyers throughout the campus.

ASCOD needs to approve all content through the ICC meetings, to avoid any potentially obscene content or concerning issues. Every club is required to attend ICC meetings. It’s all stated in the Club Charting packet all clubs need to complete before becoming official. ICC meetings occur on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.








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