Art & Ink: Tattoo and Lowrider Festival



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral.

Fine classic cars, tattoo vendors, food stands and a beer garden were the main attractions at the Art & Ink Tattoo and Car Festival hosted by Coachella Valley’s well-known early franchise tattoo company Art & Ink. The event occurred Oct. 5 – 7 at the Indio Fairgrounds.

The three-day event kicked things off with a steady line of acts, music hosted by several DJ’s and lots of tattoo vendors and artists from the Coachella Valley and other countries around the world.

Chip Flores, co-owner of the Art & Ink franchise (along with Dreamer Giron) was the event coordinator of the festival, and to him, this event couldn’t mean anything bigger to him. “This event is really big because we want to be international, and we have international artists, all the way from the Philippines, Miami, and Texas. So with that being said its just really good for us as a tattoo studio, to have something like this.” states Chip.

We can expect more from the Art & Ink franchise for such events like this, as Chip says’, “I want to build a report with the community,

as in becoming a respectable tattoo franchise, and to just continue doing one tattoo at a time, and one event at a time.  I’m looking forward to having this event again. It really doesn’t matter, and I’ll roll with the punches. I’m ready for whatever hiccups, or curveballs.”.

Ernie Gee, a tattoo artist who is apart of Art & Ink franchise, who has also been tattooing professionally for five years, loves the idea of the event, as it is a good idea for exposure, and for great motivation.

“This event is really really humbling. When you think you’re doing good, you see other peoples’ work that will make you realize you have to step it up 100%. So much to learn, so far to go, and so many badass artists. It makes you want to grind harder, it makes you hungry to know that those things are possible.” Says’ Ernie.

We can expect more from the event in the upcoming years since this being its first of its kind. “I would like to see more vendors out here, a lot more people selling merchandise, a lot more food,” states Ernie. And for the drinkers out there as Ernie jokingly states, “And definitely more beer gardens, that would be nice.”

No date has been announced for the next Art & Ink: Tattoo and Lowrider Festival. But according to Chip Flores (co-owner of Art & Ink), there will be another festival happening again soon.



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