Marks Arts Center looks back on 60 years



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Sixty years worth of COD’s history is held in the Marks Art Center.

The Marks Arts Center is hosting College of the Desert’s 60-year anniversary gallery, detailing the rich history of the institution. The gallery is pointing to the past to show how much the college has grown, in order to excite people about what is going to happen in the future.

The gallery opened Oct. 10, with a special reception including a speech from Dr. Joel Kinnamon and a performance from local band Avenida Musica. The exhibit will run until Nov. 7.

The exhibition explores the last 60 years of the college by moving along a timeline from 1968-2018, with pictures, relics and costumes used to show its history. For example on display is the yearbook from 1966-67 school year, the student gavel plaque, of Carlos Perry, who designated the roadrunner to be the mascot, as well as the song leader uniform used in 1967.

The timeline holds many more stops along the way, including pictures of the campus growth and signatures from those helping to expand the college. There is also the interactive portion, where on the wall a massive “I AM COD” is painted where students can write their name and major on a red note card, to tape along the sign, truly encapsulating that the students make COD.

A video also plays continuously throughout the day explaining where COD started and where it has grown. Marks Arts Gallery Interim Director, Anna-Marie Veloz said, “students should come and learn about the history and the pride we all share in being a part of COD. The gallery truly shows everything from where we started to where we are now to where we want to go from here.”

Veloz also included that she loved curating the exhibit and that the timeline was her favorite part to put together, as she is immensely interested in history. She encourages everyone to come to see the wonderful history of our college.

The Marks Art Gallery will be open for student, faculty and public viewing from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday, through Nov. 7. College of the Desert’s Walter N. Marks Center for the Arts mission is to support arts education and enriches the cultural life of our students, faculty and community. For more information call 760-776-7278.




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