STREET on Westfield parking structure unites locals

The Yip Yops live at STREET Nov. 2.



Photos courtesy of The Chaparral.

This past Friday, Nov. 2 local food, live music, street art and fashion emerged on the third level of the Westfield shopping mall parking structure for the 4th annual STREET event sponsored by the City of Palm Desert.

Food trucks and vendors such as Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill and Sauza Tequila Bar, Maker’s Mark Whiskey, Hideaway Cigar Club and Craft beer from La Quinta Brewing Co. were all available to those in need of a refreshing beverage or meal at the event.

Live music opened with AMP, Ocho Ojos, C-Money and the Players, The Flusters, Yip Yops and to end the night, DJ Day. The Chaparral had a chance to chat with The Flusters’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Dougie VanSant Jr. to talk more about the band and what it was like performing at STREET.

“The Flusters are based here in Palm Desert. We were founded here but all of our members are from all around the country: New Jersey, Jackson, Mississippi, Seattle and then we got one player that is from here,” said VanSant.

Having been named “Best Live Performance Band” by Coachella Weekly and “Best Local Band” by Coachella Valley Independent in 2017 in addition to performing at Coachella Arts & Music Festival and Echo Park Rising in Los Angeles in 2016, VanSant expressed how although a band may never know how a show will turn out, there is always hope that there will be great feelings throughout the performance.

The Flusters performing in front of fans at STREET.

“It was great. We were really happy to see a lot of our fans come out of the woodwork and [have] a mass of crowd for us. We didn’t really know. You never know with any show you do. You never know how it is going to be. Something on this scale, you hope it does well and it is not disappointing and it is just a good feeling. Everyone came out for everybody [tonight],” said VanSant.

VanSant said that the Flusters will announce on their social media platforms their record release “Dream Surf” Jan. 11, that will be a compilation of their first 10 recorded songs. So get ready Flusters fans. The next opportunity to see The Flusters live will be Dec. 11 at the Airstream Palooza in Palm Desert from 1-9 p.m.

Artists both local and from across the globe also came out to STREET and were in the spotlight, with the freedom to create their art through murals, spray painting and urban poetry. Interactive art was made available for individuals at the event. Live paintings took place by artists like San Diego artist, Michelle Guerrero.

Artist Michelle Guerrero’s piece “Chucho and his girlfriend.”

Michelle Guerrero also known as Mrbbaby was live at STREET, spray painting her piece, “Chucho and his girlfriend” in honor of Day of the Dead. Guerrero expressed her work of art as the two being pinatas, one named Chucho and the female, his girlfriend.

Guerrero talked about what it was like being one of the live artists at STREET. “It was my first time participating and my first time ever hearing about it so it’s been pretty cool to see everyone come together and with the whole neighborhood here,” said Guerrero.

Even with the sound of live music and artists creating their works under the stars, it was difficult for an individual to walk past “Peace, Love & Tie-Dye,” a pop-up boutique that made a colorful statement with nothing but tie-dye fashion pieces such as, jumpsuits, crop-tops, yoga pants, dresses and much more.

Noah Newton, also known as the Tie-Dye Queen, is the boutique’s creator and artist. She began her business in 2009 with an eye for creating handmade tie-dye fashion pieces and accessories that are currently available worldwide for online purchasing.

Noah Newton posing in front of her fashion-art at STREET.

“I started this business from scratch and kept going. And it was a dream of mine. And I came and stuck true to myself and I made it happen and I just want everyone to know that if you have a dream and you want to do it because there really is nothing you can lose. It’s really your own fear holding you back. But through the tie-dye’s, I just want everyone to know that it is possible to make something happen. And if you want it that bad then do it,” said Newton.

With Newton’s commitment to her business and passion for making tie-dye, she expressed how amazing the event was and how it brought locals together from all over the Coachella Valley.

“This is phenomenal. This is nothing unlike any other because it’s locals put on by locals, getting together and collaborating on this bigger picture and bringing everyone together which is beautiful. Being here is so nuts because It’s been overwhelming to see all the people here from the desert that I haven’t seen in probably over five years. So it’s really beautiful. Even family members I haven’t seen in forever are here,” said Newton.

If you wish to be at the next STREET event or other events put on by the Westfield shopping mall visit Westfield shopping mall events and take a friend along, to enjoy more local events happening in Palm Desert.

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