Dating: Dealing with rejection



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Dating is rough, you find the courage to tell someone how you feel, and their feelings don’t match up with yours. To make matters worse, those cute fishes in the sea can turn out to be sharks in disguise. Nobody likes to hear the word no, but sometimes we wish they never said anything at all. A few students at College of the Desert were willing to share some of their most memorable rejections.

  1. The Late Night Call

“My junior year there was this girl. I kind of had a crush on her, but I wasn’t that into it. One day she came to my house at 11 p.m. She knocked on my door and I opened the door concerned something was wrong. She came all that way just to tell me ‘I think you have a crush on ME, but I don’t like you that way.’ I was like okay? I never even confessed my feelings. To make matters worse, my dad gave me a big lecture on having girls over late at night. I avoided her for the rest of the year.” – Christiani, Communication Major.

  1. The String Along

“My sophomore year, I hung out with this girl for a couple of months and we messed around a bit. On the fourth of July we hung out and I asked her out. She told me that she didn’t think it was for us. I felt like I wasted my time and I put way too much effort into it. So, I went home and played video games. I stop talking to her. I understood my worth.” – Tupac, Physics Major.

  1. The Forgotten Relationship

“Before I started dating my boyfriend I tried to ask this other guy on a date. I called him soccer guy, he gave me his number. I texted him to go to a party with me, but then he replied saying he had a girlfriend. I went to the party anyways and now I avoid him”-Viviana, Biology Major.

  1. The Exception

“It took three weeks for her to say yes. She kept saying she was unsure, but I stuck around, and we’ve been together for 8 months now.” -Exequiel, Biology Major.

  1. Miscommunication

“I went to a show with my friends at a bar. There was this drummer guy who was a friend of my friends. I thought he was cute. I usually stay in my own bubble, but I tried to ask him if he had a girlfriend. I think I spoke too low because he just kept talking to other people. I felt embarrassed, so I made my friends leave with me to another bar two cities over.” -Maxine, Geography Major.

  1. Avoiding Defining the Relationship

“I met this girl in class. I thought she liked me because she would say I was funny. She lived in the same area as me, so I would give her rides home. I took her out to dinner to eat sushi one night. During, dinner I asked her out officially, but she wouldn’t give me a straight answer. We continued to hang out on and off with no real confirmation on our relationship status. I eventually realized it wasn’t worth pursuing.” -Tyler, Film/Entertainment Major.

  1. The Leap Froger

“This happened when I was still in grade school, but I had feelings for this guy. He got with me, but only because he wanted to get with my best friend. He left me for her, but I didn’t hold it against my best friend. Our friendship was too important to me, so I moved on.” – Alexis, Criminal Justice Major.

Even though rejection is rough, there is no real way of avoiding it in the dating world. You’ve just got to roll with the punches and learn from your past experiences. It’s perfectly okay to avoid someone after, and it’s okay to be a little angry if that person didn’t handle it well. Just remember that there is someone out there for you, but you must swim past a few sharks along the way.



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