A local nonprofit is turning heads for cancer



Photo courtesy of Melissa Espinoza. Stacy Jacobs and Debbie Green in a Turning Heads presentation at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center.

There are many wonderful organizations in the Coachella Valley area that offer tremendous support to the community but one, in particular, is dedicated to uplift the lives of women and men who suffer from cancer.

The Turning Heads Project is a nonprofit organization that provides free photo shoots for cancer patients who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy. Each model receives a free personal book with their photos.

This organization was co-founded by Debbie Green and Stacy Jacobs eight years ago. “In 2010 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I went through six rounds of chemo and I lost my hair,” said Green. She adds, “during the course of that process my pathologist sent me this book called Turning Heads, truly changing how I’m viewing what I look like bald.”

The book “Turning Heads: Portraits of Grace, Inspiration and Possibilities,” inspired Jacobs to do a photo shoot for Debbie. “These pictures really change how I feel about being bald and after that experience, Stacy and I started talking about, we would like to give that experience to other women and men going through the same process,” Green said.

The Turning Heads Project has had about 78 photo shoots in the past eight years. They have never held a fundraiser, and it is a completely volunteer-based project that is cost-free to those seeking the services.

Green, Jacobs and their team provide all the tools for each of the photo shoots, makeup, clothes, props and location. “My theory about photographs is that they transport us back to that time, it’s not even about the photo. Our goal for a day for anyone coming in is turning heads. It’s just about you, making you feel special and letting you see the beauty that the world sees.” Jacobs said.

For more information on the Turning Heads Project, visit www.turningheadsproject.org.




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