Students benefit from new transfer pathway



Photo courtesy of The University of Redlands. TAG pathway to the University of Redlands is a great opportunity for students looking to transfer.

College of the Desert students now has the ability to receive guaranteed admission to the University of Redlands, thanks to a new Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) pathway that COD has entered with the institution.

A Transfer Admission Guarantee is a program that essentially offers students from a community college assured admission to a particular university. The writing of a TAG contract enables qualified students to be accepted into the university one year before transfer.  The contract specifies which classes are eligible for transfer to meet general education, major requirements and electives. These agreements, maintained by the Articulation Officer, facilitate the successful transfer of students from College of the Desert to baccalaureate-level colleges and universities.

Writing a TAG provides students with a variety of benefits. Students receive early review of their academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation and general education coursework. This way, students will be better prepared for their incoming transfer to the university of their choice.

The specific TAG pathway with the University of Redlands states that upon transfer, admitted students will be able to follow one of the institution’s distinct pathways: earning a bachelor’s degree in business through taking night classes or earning a bachelor’s degree in one of over 40 programs offered as a full-time student. Furthermore, recipients of the Cal Grant will be able to receive enough aid to cover the entire cost of tuition at the University of Redlands.

“It’s a really great opportunity for students,” said Scott Cooper, COD transfer counselor. “The University of Redlands is a great school, and we’ve had many students transfer there before starting successful careers.”

The process of beginning a TAG pathway with a private university is much different from beginning a TAG pathway with a University of California (UC) institution. The UC TAG means going through the UC system, and the TAG pathway for students looking to transfer is generally the same for all participating schools. On the other hand, forming a TAG pathway with a private university involves talks with that individual university’s admissions office, and as a result, the qualifications for different schools are not universal. Regardless, one aspect of the TAG process that can be said for all participating universities is that it greatly helps students in their journey to transfer.

“It’s something to at least look into,” Cooper said. “You never know, it might be a perfect fit, and writing a TAG is always a good option to take advantage of if it’s available to you.”

Founded in 1907, the University of Redlands is a private, nonprofit university that aims to assist students in connecting to and entering a world of opportunity. Classes at the university are aimed at gearing students toward their passions and potential. The University of Redlands offers over 40 different undergraduate programs and 30 graduate programs in business, communication sciences and disorders, education, geographic information science and music.

The university offers innovative programs at times and places that are convenient for the working professional, ensuring that anyone will be able to receive an education at the institution. To find out more about College of the Desert’s TAG pathway with the University of Redlands, contact the Redlands admissions office at or visit the Transfer Center in the Cravens Student Services Center.


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