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Photos courtesy of AP Images. A student studies for one of his classes.

College students quickly learn that balancing school and life can be a tricky task. Managing time effectively is not easy. Students often have new responsibilities and priorities competing for their time and attention like homework, jobs and sometimes family.  It’s important for students to develop effective strategies for juggling their daily duties. We spoke with some students at COD to learn more about their daily schedules.

“I get home at 5 o’clock and start doing homework, I don’t get done until either 12 or 1 in the morning,” said stem major, Ines Campos. Campos also works at a country club. She says juggling work and school is challenging. Campos is fortunate to have flexible hours. “I get out early which gives me more time for homework,” Campos said. She spends many hours on homework, especially math.

Emanuel Bautista does not struggle with time management. “I don’t have a job and because of that, I spend little time on homework. I just spend most of my days playing video games,” said Bautista. He said those who don’t have jobs and who just focus on school usually don’t struggle with time management unless they’re taking five to six classes. Some studies suggest the more busy students are, the more they are forced to learn effective time management skills.

Students can benefit from learning some time management skills to avoid getting overwhelmed. According to Timecenter.com  Some good management skills can help students procrastinate less, live without stress, have more time for fun and be ready for more opportunities.

“I go to sleep at 1 a.m. just because I do my homework later in the day, I’ll just finish at whatever time (usually late),” said Carlos Rodriguez. Rodriguez makes time for homework and understands that time management teaches students to be organized and to keep track of time. “Taking control of your schedule and learning to focus and prioritize can help,” said Rodriguez.

According to Topuniverisites.com students should apply these basic skills to their daily routine. 1. know what you have to do, 2. create a schedule, 3. be flexible but realistic, 4. allow time for planning to avoid repetition, 5. avoid procrastination and distractions and 6. exercise to clear your head.








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