What to expect from The Chaparral in 2019



Photo Courtesy of The Chaparral. Photo of Editor-in-Chief Alexandria Rosales who will be returning in the spring term.

With the conclusion of the fall 2018 semester for students at COD and our Chaparral news staff, the start of the spring 2019 semester, will be a new year for The Chaparral as well as a fresh start with the work of big changes happening when school gets started and running.

According to the instructor in media production and adviser for the Chaparral Laurilie Jackson, “the newspaper class will be moving from South Annex 4 to the KCOD radio building on Park View over the winter term. During that time, the newsroom will be set up and ready for journalism classes including JOO3A News Reporting and Writing, JOO4ABC Newspaper Production and JO10 Magazine Production, the class that will produce the new Discover COD magazine.

Both radio and journalism classes will be taught at Park View by Jackson and radio production instructor, Toni Bakal. Other classes will include: RTV007 Intro to Radio Production, RTV002 Broadcast Announcing and RTV005 Broadcast Writing in the spring semester.

With more classes being offered with the convenience of them being in the same location (at KCOD radio station), the mediums of the journalism field at COD are looking to be more digital and adding more multimedia components in order to attract a larger audience.

“Be ready to work hard, think creatively and report using many different platforms to tell a story including, print, online, social media, radio and television. We live in a multimedia age and students need to be ready,” said Jackson.

Jackson and I as the editor are working toward making The Chaparral more well-known not only around campus but throughout the Coachella Valley. We are looking to have more passion-driven reporters, social media enthusiasts and graphic designers and photographers on our team to expand and become more digital and technologically advanced and for our newspaper to be a professional platform, students can learn from and grow as journalists.

“We need to bring The Chaparral to as many people as possible through print, digital, social media and other platforms including radio and television. We are expanding and will be reaching a wider audience in the spring semester. We are taping The Chaparral news and radio update pilot at KMIR and KCOD this fall and we hope to implement a regularly scheduled news update on KCOD radio. We are also working on developing an online journalism certificate including new courses that will help students be ready for careers in the digital journalism industry,” said Jackson.

We are calling all film, media and journalism students who want to learn from professors and staff who have been in the industry of radio, news in broadcast and print journalism and would like to be hands-on in the industry with the opportunities of being involved with KCOD student-run radio station, the Chaparral and now COD’s new Discover magazine and the new film program.

“Newspapers may be dying, but journalism is not. This is a perfect time to be involved in the news business. It’s a time for a new generation of reporters. Let’s stop the fake news and offer people something they can learn from, be informed by and news that will move us to be better and do better. The best time to study journalism is now. We are raising up solid, investigative, honest and truthful reporters who write to help people make better decisions for their lives,” said Jackson.

You can enroll in classes at COD online at www.collegeofthedesert.edu.




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