Student art showcased at the Marks Arts Center



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Jose Simo next to his showcased mask of Marvel character “Venom.”

Marks Art Center is known at College of the Desert for showcasing extremely beautiful, and elegant art installations, ranging from canvas, sculptures and video installations. It is known for having a variety of forms of art. But when the center holds a competition for the students of College of the Desert, the center becomes one with everyone now.

The “Juried Student Art Exhibition” took place at the gallery from Nov. 28, to Dec. 13.  The event’s purpose was not to showcase the talents the students of COD truly possess, but to also demonstrate the real competition of how the art scene works. Students had to submit a fill-out form and go through a process of being chosen through selected judges.

The opening reception was Nov. 28, and with the abundance of students, and families coming to the view the gallery, it was a night that you wish you wouldn’t have missed. Food and drinks were also provided upon the hospitality of the Marks Art Center Live jazz from the band “Black Market” provided music for all attendees.

Jose Simo, one of the chosen contestants to have his art showcased at the event was excited, “It’s a little bit of a weird situation on how I feel right now. It’s like I’m excited, and at the same time I don’t know what to think..” Jose started creating masks when he was bored and got the help from his parents. “I was bored one day, and I asked my parents if they could buy paper niche for me.”

Being surrounded, and literally consumed by art, it was a lot to take in at just one stroll through the gallery. As for Jose Simo, he states, “that’s when the fun part comes in for me, I’m looking at everything else, and it is all so serious. You then look at the middle of the room and see just my two comic book characters. It’s quite intimidating, but I am taking it all in.”

Turnout for the exhibition left everyone satisfied. Anna-Marie Veloz, the interim gallery director said, “we are more than satisfied with the overall results of the exhibition. We had a great support from the faculty and staff are getting the word out there and encouraging students to apply for the jury exhibition. We are very grateful for all the time it took for the students to prepare and submit their artwork to the jury process.”

The gallery will remain open until Dec. 13. As for another event, Anna-Marie Veloz said, “we would like to have another jury exhibition in the future.”



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