Scientists warn youth about the dangers of vaping



Photo courtesy of  AP Images. Woman vaping electronic hookah outdoor.

Vaping has gained much popularity throughout the years mainly because of social media. Vaping companies used to target people who wanted to stop smoking cigarettes, but today it targets the youth. Many young people and children like to vape because they think it makes them look cool, but what they don’t realize is that vaping is terrible for your health.

Yes, vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes, but it is just as addictive. Vape smoke contains the same or more nicotine than cigarette smoke, and some vapes contain a lot more nicotine than an actual cigarette. Many kids today are addicted to nicotine.

According to the latest National Youth Tobacco Survey in 2018, 20 percent of high school students are vaping. Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar said, “We have never seen the use of any substance by America’s young people rise this rapidly. This is an unprecedented challenge.” Health officials are trying to find a way to prevent young people from vaping.

Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Jerome Adams has brought much attention to the topic and wants to prevent young people from vaping. At a news conference, Adams said  “I am officially declaring e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the United States, now is the time to take action. We need to protect our young people from all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.”

Students as young as eighth graders are already addicted to vaping. It is sad to see that many children are addicted to nicotine because it is going to cause them health problems in the future. They are going to suffer from many health issues when they are older because early exposure to nicotine can cause harm to the development of the brain.

Scientists are still researching the ingredients found in e-cigarettes. Some of the components are very harmful to the lungs. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some vape ingredients can cause obliterative bronchiolitis which is also known as “popcorn lung.” It is a rare lung disease that causes a cough or shortness of breath that worsens over time.

Two of the most dangerous ingredients found in e-cigarettes are called Diacetyl linked to severe lung disease, as well as Benzene that is another harmful chemical that found in car exhaust and heavy metals like tin, nickel, and lead. The chemicals are hazardous to be inhaling daily.

The liquid found in vapes is also harmful because many children and adults are poisoned by absorbing it through their skin or eyes. The other chemicals found in vape pens can cause cancer.

Another risk that vape pens pose is that the batteries can explode. Some e-cigarettes and vape pens are known to have caused fires in the past. Many explosions happened while the pens were being charged.

On Jan. 27 a young man named William Brown was killed when his vape pen exploded in his face. Browns grandmother rushed him to the hospital moments after the event. His grandmother, Alice Brown, said that he had pieces of metal on his face and neck.

The hospital held him for two days when he passed away. The Tarrant County medical examiner stated that the cause of death was a stroke after the carotid artery in his neck that was penetrating trauma from exploding vape pen.

More people need to be aware of the dangers of vape pens, especially the younger generation. Most of the people that vape only do it to show off and don’t even realize that they are harming themselves. If people were aware of the dangers, vape pens wouldn’t be as popular as they are now.

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