Student participates in PS Chalk Art Festival



Photo courtesy of Estefania Moreira. Bronte Nemeth’s art pieces: “Courtney the Mann” she’s a survivor, a fighter, and a mother.

The 9th Annual Chalk Art Festival downtown Palm Springs across from the Palm Spring Art Museum on March 16 with top professionals and student artists of all ages creating pieces of inspiration.

College of the Desert student Bronte Nemeth has participated in the chalk festival for two years. Having 13 years of art experience, the 23-year-old has created her own style that is modern, classical and fashion inspired. Majoring in studio arts, Nemeth said, “My art is inspired by fashion and music. I admire Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen and the art of drag. I create pieces that bring all these inspirations.”

Bronte Nemeth’s Chalk Art Festival piece: “The Virgin Slut.”

Starting at 7 a.m. artist Bronte Nemeth worked until 5 p.m. Her work was six-foot-wide and ten foot long. When you participate in the chalk festival, you are given a large number of hours to finish and after you complete your work, judges will come and pick a winner. There are five awards you, the first and high demand artists attend to win the thousand-dollar award and title “Best in the Show,” first place gains seven hundred dollars, second place five hundred dollars, third place wins two hundred and fifty dollars and the last place wins the hundred dollars with the title “Honorable Mention.”

Nemeth does not mind which award she wins or nothing at all, her mission for attending the event is because of her passion. Artist Bronte was drawing with jeans, a dark blue top and wearing her art as makeup. Her makeup consisted of large red lips, on point black eyeliner, dramatic eyelashes, smoky eyeshadow with glitter and fierce sharp design on her eyebrows.

Nemeth said, “My makeup is the insight of my work, I am branding myself for the public to see that I am my art and this is what I love to do.” Bronte’s art brings a mystical, dramatic with flair, black and white sensuality. Driven to draw and paint beautiful women, the artist created a piece that is inspired by model Gina Lorena’s facial feature. “Gina Lorena is a beautiful model whose facial features I find dramatic and sensual. The way she does her makeup is how I create my pieces. For this event, I am using black and white chalk with Lorena’s features in my piece.” Nemeth said.

Creating this large piece in hot weather is a challenge, the artist had to do everything on the ground and be aware of her measurements. Everything is calculated, you must know where and how you will be creating your art on the ground. Sketching, shading, and coloring in the piece take great patience to complete. Despite drawing in an uncomfortable way, being surrounded by other great artists in the festival, motivated Nemeth to do her best.

Nemeth created a comedic yet daring piece called “The Virgin Slut.” The story behind this is a tribute to the artist Giovanni Strazza, who made the marble statue “The Veiled Virgin.” Nemeth was inspired by the historical stereotype that all women are pure and need to remain their innocence until marriage. The artist finds this label to women humorous saying that females are human and shouldn’t be labeled to anything in society. The title is supposed to make you feel with curiosity, humor and bewildered.

On her way to be a well-known artist, she is a diamond in the rough who is branding herself and exposing her art to be seen. Being an artist is not an easy path to pursue, it takes great dedication, patience, networking, and talent to be known.

You can see her work in social media where you will find original art pieces, fashion photography and her own makeup transformations. In a valley that is driven in fashion, music, classical and modern culture, Nemeth’s masterpieces are worth being in your walls. Follow Bronte Nemeth at Instagram: the_craft__  and Facebook at Bronte Nemeth.

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