Science student Kate Da Silva launches 3D heart model


Photos courtesy of Estefania Moreira.

COD student Kate Da Silva holds 3D heart model.

Kate Da Silva created a 3D heart print several months back while being involved in the 3D Print Club on campus. Majoring in clinical lab sciences, Da Silva only took two days and 17  hours to finish her heart model. Da Silva is a student who has a passion and love for science and says that the heart is one of the most essential organs besides your brain. Da Silva explains why we should be aware of our heart and take care of it as well as describing how she was able to create a 3D heart.

Da Silva expressed how much she enjoys watching television shows about medicine. One of her favorites is Grey’s Anatomy, and the idea came to be. While she was in the 3D Print Club one night, she watched an episode where one of the characters named Dr. Yang created a 3D heart model. She says, “when I saw that episode, I thought it would be fun and cool to make one in our club. I will make one.” There was a week of substantial research to find the perfect study to use. For example, if you want to create a 3D chair model, you need the correct geometric and ergonomic features. Creating a 3D Print organ is similar. You would need to prepare a sketch design, figure out its features to use for the program, and make sure everything is calculated correctly. Once she was satisfied with her research, it only took her two days and seventeen hours to finish her heart model on a software tool called Fusion 360.

Da Silva said “The heart is one of the most important organs. Many people think it’s the brain, sure they are not wrong, but the heart is its own thing. The heart does not respond to the brain. Think of it this way, you can have a brain, but without a heart you are dead.”

Creating the heart model was an enjoyable experience for the young science student. Da Silva said when you are doing what you love it feels like a breeze, “The heart is one of my favorite organs in the human body. The heart runs off on pacemaker cells that tell it when to polarize, when to depolarize, when to pump, how to pump, how much pressure it knows, the heart runs itself. It’s its boss.” Da Silva plans for her heart model to be used for educational purposes, “I’ll be showing my heart model to the health science teachers, and hopefully, it gets accepted. It costs the school seventeen grand for a heart model and the 3D print heart model that I created costs five dollars. This is financially better so that schools can have other organ models. If science students can create organs for our science department is not only creative but helpful for our education.” Anatomy 2, BIO 14 will most likely be using the heart model if they give her a yes.

Da Silva said the heart is important because it gives us a better chance to live longer and the more you work on your health, your heart will triumph. The best way to take care of your heart according to Da Silva is by exercise activity, 30 mins or an hour five or six times a week is good. Educating and letting go of unhealthy foods such as junk foods, will prevent future cardiovascular risks. You do not want to go through heart block caused by levels of high cholesterol that leads to hypertension heart disease. Obesity in our youth is becoming a problem, and according to scientists, young people in their ’20-’30s will probably experience earlier signs of heart failure if not careful. “If you start now, you will be doing your body a favor and yes genetics do play a huge part if you have a genetic background of heart disease, but it’s not impossible to have a healthy heart. It all starts with you and educate yourself.”

Da Silva plans to possibly become more involved in the field of heart disease studies. Pursuing pathology, she can focus more on the heart as an organ and work on heart defects.




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