The city of Palm Desert launches ‘Concerts in the Park’



Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. 80’s band Berlin performing at Palm Desert Civic Center Park.

On May 2 the City of Palm Desert launched their concert series, “Concerts in the Park,” with 80’s hit band Berlin. Five concerts were scheduled for the month of May, all taking place at the Palm Desert Civic Center Park.

“This is the opening night of our ‘Spring’s Concerts in the Park’ series, every Thursday night in May we have a free concert in the park, starts at 7:30 and for our opening night we have the band Berlin. The city has a long tradition of doing concerts in the park and each year the event just grows and grows, we do them in October and May. This year we wanted to do something bigger so we decided to bring out Berlin. We are always looking for new bands to bring in, a lot of the bands we bring are cover bands, but we are trying to increase the profile,” said Thomas Soule, the tourism and marketing manager for the City of Palm Desert.

The band Berlin, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, fired up the local crowd by singing their greatest hits. Songs like their Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning track for the film Top Gun, “Take My Breath Away” and others like “Dancing in Berlin,” No More Words” and “You Don’t Know.” Original band members, singer Terrin Nunn, guitarist David Diamond and founder and bass player John Crawford, sang, danced and entertained the locals for more than an hour and a half.

“This is wonderful, and I enjoy it. I think is a good idea, I’d recommended to my friends and neighbors,” said Indio resident and first-time goer Andrew Aldama

The second concert held on May 9 brought The Mighty Untouchables. They are a cover band based in San Diego, Calif., and has been together since January 2009. The group has traveled throughout the state doing local and private events. Last year the wedding planning company, The Knot, named the band as “The Best-and most-Rated Wedding Professionals” chosen by couples and guests.

“We have been together for ten years now and I started originally with the group. Primarily, we are in the Southern California area, so we work out this way in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, a lot, Orange County and Los Angeles. We just kinda started this year doing more national stuff, we just came back from a week-stay in Tucson, but we’re still mostly local,” said Daniel Tucker, one of the three lead singers for The Mighty Untouchables.

The band, that has been hosting summer concerts in San Diego every year since being founded, played for the valley locals for over an hour. “This Group has great chemistry on stage together, we’re very family orientated so we have that kind of tightened bond and we are the same core band that’s played together so the tightness of the music and the integrity of the music is always the top priority for the band. Plus we like to do a really broad spectrum of genres to keep everything kinda universal, we have tons of stuff on our repertoire, but for these concerts, we pull the best of the best we do and something that kind of represents all genres, to make everybody happy,” said Tucker.

Attendees enjoyed the variety of music that The Mighty Untouchables played for them; people sang and danced throughout their performance. The band played hit songs from artists like Bruno Mars, The Jackson Five and Lady Gaga.”The dance music was much fun for me. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed when the Latin music and the girls next to us started dancing and I’m like ‘show us how to do it’,” said Mureen Boyle, San Diego resident.

On May 16 the third concert of the series was held featuring the Yachty by Nature. The six member band played soft rock hits from the 70s and 80s. Weather conditions were not perfect during the concert, strong winds made for difficult performing conditions, but that did not stop locals and the band from having a good time.

There are only two concerts left for this spring; the first will be on May 23 featuring The Fancies and the last show on May 30 will feature the Beatles tribute band, Britain’s Finest.

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