Transfer Fair connects students with universities

Photo courtesy of COD. Students at the Transfer Fair ask questions to gather more information about other colleges and universities.



The annual transfer fair took place on Oct. 2, at College of the Desert’s Palm Desert campus. The event offered students information about colleges and universities around the country.

Schools from all levels attended the event, including UC’s, CSU’s, and other private schools. Representatives from schools such as Azusa Pacific University, CSU San Marcos, CSU San Bernardino, UC Berkley, UC Riverside and UC San Diego were present as well.

Students got a chance to learn about these schools, what they offer and the different options available to them.

Scott Cooper, COD’s transfer counselor, organizes the transfer fair. He believes it is important for students to know their options, “Students should expose themselves to all the options that are out there.” said Cooper, “In the United States, there are 4,000 universities and colleges, and in California, we are the largest system of higher education in the United States with over 100 schools.”

Cooper hopes that the schools at the event made students want to ask questions about other campuses. The transfer fair is also an opportunity for students to form a closer connection with the institution they are interested in by talking with the representatives present at the fair.

“Students can ask any question they want here, they get to see that personal connection. When you look at a university online, you don’t get a sense of how the school is and this allows the student to meet a representative,” said Cooper, “I really encourage students to visit a campus before they attend there.”

Cooper encouraged students to be involved and active even after the transfer fair is over, “Get involved with the transfer club and with the 3 college tours that we have this fall. These include going to UCLA, UC Riverside, and University of Redlands, which are all free for students,” stated Cooper.

Graduation workshops are also something students can attend when applying to the schools they are interested in. Cooper added, “We have lots of workshops and if you have not signed up for, my transfer plan in Canvas, they should so whatever stage they are at in terms of transfer. They will know where they are at and can see their goal.”

For many students, the transfer fair was an opportunity to get a chance to see what requirements they need for transferring. COD student Guadalupe Larios said, “I was thinking of transferring this year or next year so I’m trying to see what the requirements are and also asking some of the questions that I have about classes and stuff like that.” At moment Larios is interested in UC San Diego because of its medical program. “They have a really good program, especially in biology, since I’m interested in neuroscience and also because it’s really pretty because of the location, and it just looks like it is a really good school,” she stated.

The transfer fair also exposed COD students to more options that some might not have known about before. COD student Yoana Montano said, “I’m transferring the fall 2021, and I saw a couple of options that are available.”

Another important question that was answer during the event was location and costs. “The cost of Humboldt State University is very low compared to other schools and everything that it has to offer, such as the hiking and the outdoor events. This event has helped me financially with what I need to save for and spend. Location and the application process are other ways this event has helped me before I apply to any of these schools,” said Montano.

For more information about transferring, visit the Transfer Center located on the 2nd floor of the Cravens Student Services Center or visit the COD’s website at

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