Family Night introduces high school students to COD

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. High school students meeting with COD faculty at Family Night December 2018.



College of the Desert’s Family Night is an opportunity for prospective students and their families to get to know more about the college’s programs and much more.

Victoria Jimenez is an EDGE outreach specialist and TRiO veterans counselor, who is also part of the Family Night Task Force. She, with many others, paved the way towards last year’s Family Night and was greeted by over 650 attendees. The inaugural event presented a similar layout to this year’s, with an open house at the gym and presentations in nearby classrooms.

“They are informational presentations facilitated by counselors, the EDGE staff and our deans,” Jimenez said.

Students will get general COD information, how to apply to COD, financial aid, and information about the various programs at the college.

The presentations will see some changes from last year’s event. “This year, it’s the EDGE staff that will present with the counselors,” Jimenez added. Another difference from the year prior is that deans will also take part in presenting.

Additionally, the presentations will be offered in both English and Spanish, which Jimenez will be doing with Upward Bound counselor Juan Moreno Ibarra.

“The open house is a really cool time to interact with faculty and instructors, and many times they bring students from their programs to help at their table,” Jimenez said, “Because of this, the event also lends itself to current students who may be curious to learn more about what is at their disposal.

Because EDGE is involved, they will also be providing information on the much-coveted program. “We’re happy to announce that the 2020 plEDGE program was extended, so we are offering plEDGE to 2020 graduates.” The program is open to high school 2020 graduates, as well as GED and high school completion students.

Some of the programs students will be able to interact with at Family Night are automotive, culinary, nursing, math, English as a Second Language (ESLN), child development, media studies and more.

Bus passes are being provided for the day for those needing transportation help. If you plan on attending make sure to check in at the gymnasium on Wednesday, Dec. 11. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

Those who RSVP first receive a free dinner. Each attendee will get a goodie bag and a folder full of brochures and resources that will align with the presentations.

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