New Qless technology reduces student wait times

Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. COD student Christina Aguirre tries the new Qless Technology located on the 2nd floor of the Cravens Student Service Center in Financial Aid.



The new Qless technology system just introduced at the Admissions & Financial Aid departments wave goodbye to waiting in long lines.

This system offers students a chance to sign in electronically and join a virtual line rather than physically waiting for an unknown amount of time. Qless also allows students to receive wait time updates, manage their place in line and receive notifications when it is their turn to go to the counter.

Kristin Milligan, COD’s financial aid director, said, “The purpose of Qless is for students to be able to access the financial aid department and admissions and records department anywhere at any time so students no longer have to wait in line to come to our facilities. They can check-in to our system anywhere, check our wait times, be in class, go grab a bite to eat and be able to work with our multiple priorities that they are working with at the same time.”

This new software is beneficial to both staff and students.

“It’s really beneficial for students as they have the ability to meet with the financial aid department and ensure that there is no other student standing behind them that all of their information is extremely confidential. It allows for a more student-centered experience. It also allows for our office to understand wait times and needs to staff our departments for both financial aid and admissions and records to insure that we have staff on board that is here and able to assist our students at the college,” said Milligan.

This recent Qless technology is something more colleges and universities are just now implementing. “Qless is a newer technology that California community colleges have just been now adopting. This type of software did not exist previously, and if it did, it was not utilized by colleges. We had an opportunity to bring on Qless, and when we heard about it, we took advantage of it to ensure success for our students,” said Milligan.

So far, Qless software has worked fine since it has been introduced here at COD.

“Qless has been working well with our students and staff. We noticed students already adapting to the new system,” Milligan said, “We have had staff members outside of our offices able to assist students with utilizing the process but we are already starting to see the message go campus-wide and students using the software right from the comfort of their own home.”

The Admissions and Financial Aid departments have a head-start on this technology over other offices, but that soon might change according to Milligan, “We are looking at implementing similar products on campus for other departments at the Cravens Student Services Center. At this time, this is our phase one for the product, and we’ll see how well it works before we move it forward for others.”

Third-year student, Christina Aguirre, agrees that this new Qless technology will benefit students, “It’s better overall; it relieves us from the frustration or anxiety we get from coming up the steps and seeing a huge line or a big group of students, and it is a relief not seeing that anymore. Also, we are able to walk around the campus, take a seat, read or work on homework rather than just standing in the line and wasting that time.”

For more information about Qless, visit the COD Admissions & Financial Aid offices located on the 2nd floor of the Cravens Student Services Center.

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