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Will the Mojave Desert groundwater be sold?

BY PAUL C. H. VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR A policy change within the Trump Administration will allow a company to sell water from a Mojave Desert aquifer. The Department of the Interior announced that its branch, Bureau of Land Management, will scratch out details that dictate how federal officials evaluate how public lands are used that […]

Flooding farm fields may replenish California groundwater

BY CAROLINE DEGRAEVE CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR Groundwater is  underground water moving through geologic formations called aquifers and is stored in open spaces in the soil. Groundwater depletion is a term used to describe water declines caused by groundwater pumping, particularly in the long-term. Warming temperatures across California has led to less annual snowmelt and farmers […]

Effects of the gas tax increase bill

BY PAUL C. H. VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR The gas tax increase bill may have unintended consequences on how much Californians have to pay at the gas station. Democrats including Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-South Gate, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles and Assemblyman Jose Medina, D-Moreno Valley, in California’s state senate the […]

New immigration order has implications

BY PAUL C. H. VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR President Trump’s new immigration order may have some unintended consequences within national borders. The recently revised order may have the most impact on tourism and higher education. The passing of the new immigration order has led to the rise of American nationalism, which may lead less tourists coming […]

CVUSD may not meet financial needs

BY PAUL C. H. VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR The Coachella Valley Unified School District may not meet its financial needs for the next couple of years. The CVUSD will have a budget deficit of about $300,000. According to the Desert Sun, the budget deficit is part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s fiscal plan that will start […]

Terrorist attack on the UK’s House of Parliament

BY JESUS NUNEZ  STAFF WRITER Four people were assaulted with a motor vehicle and a police officer was tragically stabbed in London. The terrorist attack took place outside the House of Parliament but was stopped before entering the building as reported by the Metropolitan Police’s Head of Counter-Terrorism, Mark Rowley and CNN News. Before the […]

Ex-Mayor of Palm Springs surrenders at Riverside jail

BY PAUL VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR Former mayor of Palm Springs, Steve Pougnet, who had previously been charged with taking bribes from local businessmen, turned himself into a Riverside jail on Feb. 22. Pougnet was charged with 21 felony counts of corruption by a public official. Two Coachella Valley developers Richard Hugh Meaney and John Elroy Wessman, […]

NASA: Life on Another Planet?

BY CAROLINE DEGRAEVE CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR About 40 trillion light years outside our solar system, in the constellation Aquarius, a system of planets exists that orbit a cool dwarf star. According to NASA, “this exoplanet system is called TRAPPIST-1, named for The Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) in Chile.” Calculations by scientists suggest […]

New immigration order in effect

BY PAUL C.H. VELASCO CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR A draft of President Trump’s revised immigration order bans the six countries and lessened restrictions on visas for those coming into the U.S. from the Middle East. In this new immigration order, President Trump bans the countries that was on the original immigration order. These seven countries are Iran, […]

Is climate change being politicized?

BY CAROLINE DEGRAEVE CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR Climate change is a hot topic of discussion. You hear about it in the news, on the internet, even in politics. However, it is sometimes true that people often repeat what is in the news without really knowing what exactly the topic is. Climate change? What is it? Is […]

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