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“Nickel-Bag Joe”: Ethics Of Executive Exoneration

By Robert Montenegro Opinion Editor Arpaio and Trump. (Reuters/Brian Snyder) On July 31, 2017 the former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz. was officially charged with criminal contempt of court for his continued operation of a tactical stop-and-search detention program against suspected undocumented immigrants; in actuality the program was directed at anyone with brown skin. The racial […]

COD Men’s Basketball Fall 2017

COD’s men’s basketball team 2017 By David Babao  Opinion Editor If you’re a student at College of the Desert who loves basketball you might consider trying out for COD’s men’s basketball team. The COD team is earning and receiving good benefits for playing more games with other univeristy basketball teams and sometimes players receive scholarships to play basketball. In addition, playing basketball can offer […]

Coachella, then & now

BY ANDREW VEDUZCO OPINION CONTRIBUTOR April in the desert means one thing, festival season. If you’re a local and have been living here for most of your life, you know April brings a yearly topic of discussion, Coachella Music & Arts Festival. April in the desert never used to be as exciting though. Years ago, before […]

A modern workforce

BY MYRON PENWELL OPINION EDITOR Photo courtesy of pexelsPeople working from home rather than the office is a new trend. It is not surprising when you consider all the advances in technology within the decade. We can talk to people across the world, in video conferences, and have information available at our finger tips. Much […]

Bursting your organic bubble!

BY CAROLINE DEGRAEVE CURRENT AFFAIRS EDITOR According to a survey conducted at College of the Desert (COD), many people are under the impression that buying organic products is more nutritious or natural than conventional produce and has little or no contact with pesticides. Organic farming, like all agricultural farming, uses pesticides and fungicides liberally to prevent […]

Under the yellow umbrella

BY MYRON PENWELL                                                  OPINION EDITOR College of the Desert has recently proposed a ban which prohibits the smoking of cigarettes on campus. AP 3570, which states that smoking is 25 feet from […]

A modern school system

BY MYRON PENWELL OPINION EDITOR  Finland has once again decided to revamp their school system, incorporating subjects that have a broad range of topics that they believe are more relevant to the world today. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) will introduce broader topics such as: The European Union, Climate Change and Community. Throughout the years […]

New game room makes students question

BY JUAN RODRIGUEZ OPINION CONTRIBUTOR A new game room by Beep’s Cafe has opened for all COD students to enjoy. The game room is designed for students to fill the gaps between classes, or during spare time, however, there are some concerns. Some students say it’s not convenient for students. COD Student and Life Center’s Ryan […]

Beeps not serving students healthy options

BY RONI DOHRMAN OPINION EDITOR College of the Desert campuses should offer healthier food choices for students, especially for those who can not eat many of the items that are on the menu due to health or personal reasons. My friend Kyra Mund and I decided to eat at Beeps Cafe between classes one day, […]

People need to take the environment seriously

BY KAYLA THOMPSON STUDENT LOCAL CONTRIBUTOR  Environmental issues—global warming and climate change, specifically—should be the number one priority of every single national and state government. It is the biggest concern we face as humans. We are already starting to experience the impacts we have on our world, and it will only grow worse as the […]

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