Rental textbooks are due back soon. Don’t miss the deadline.


Photo courtesy of The Chaparral. Rented textbooks for students at College of the Desert.

Ramon Ramirez, Staff Reporter

The semester is coming to an end and it’s time for students to find their textbooks wherever they may be and return them. If you rent your books this semester, the deadline to return them to the COD Bookstore is May 26.

You do not need to physically go to the campus, as students are still not allowed. Students must go online, print a label and mail those books back to the bookstore for free. There is no charge for shipping them back. The following link on how to return rental textbooks provides complete step by step  instructions to complete the whole process.

The deadline is approaching soon, make sure you get them back on time to avoid a late fee. For more information contact the COD bookstore at 760-773-2564 or by email at [email protected].