KCOD introduces students’ new radio shows


Omar Romero

Bruno Lopez-Vega in one of KCOD’s recording studios working on his show, The Garage.

Omar Romero, Staff Reporter

On Feb. 24, College of the Desert’s KCOD introduced several brand new shows to their regular spring radio program. Hosting these new shows are KCOD staff and radio production students.

Some of the shows being broadcasted are The Unknown, Uncharted Country and Now & Then with Monica Perez.

The Unknown, hosted by Eduardo Mata, is a show that, as described on the KCOD website, ‘takes a journey into the audio drama where one’s imagination will open and experience new possibilities in human existence through different multiverses. With an open mind, you will enter a reality just like yours, but with a twist.’

Mata’s show is a radio series that is about an alien that comes to Earth and causes havoc in the world. The show centers around several characters as they try to figure out what is happening and survive the aliens’ attack. The Unknown is unique as it is the only show on KCOD right now that is a radio drama.

UnCharted Country is hosted by KCOD’s student station manager Alexandria Rosales.

Rosales has been with KCOD since 2018 and became the station manager in 2019. Rosales’ job is to help oversee the station, including the student staff, scheduling, compliance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other tasks.

UnCharted Country is the only music show on KCOD that airs hit country music that listeners may or may not have heard of.

“Because country music is one of my favorite genres of music. The stories told through country music really resonates with me, and I hope through my show, I can make it so that it resonates with others as well,” Rosales said when asked why she chose to revolve her show around country music.

Now & Then with Monica Perez, formally known as Remastered Now & Then with Monica Perez, is a show that highlights music and talent from last year and compares it to today’s artists.

Perez took a class with Toni Bakal, a media production instructor, and explained how an assignment she was doing for professor Bakal helped bring the show into fruition.

“We had an assignment and I was listening to MxPx, NewFound Glory, and Goldfinger covers and it kinda got born from there,” said Perez, “Music is such a powerful expression and looking at the past to appreciate where we’ve come from and where we are going is exciting for me.”

When asked if she always wanted to do a radio show, Perez said, “Well, I actually wanted to be a voice actor for anime characters. And I would always play with voices because it is fun to do every now and then. But being on the radio is definitely a perk. Everyone should try it.” 

These are three of the many new shows KCOD has broadcasting this spring. 

Other shows at KCOD are Antonio Beltran’s Cars and Tracks, where he talks about the car community, Brian Opper brings people to the studio and tasks them with listening to music of his choosing in Guest Meets Collection with Brian Opper.

Also, Bruno Lopez-Vega takes us back to 70’s music with The Garage, Francesca Rivera presents Frankie Features where up and coming folk, bedroom pop and indie music are played. Kianu Ignacio shares their favorite genres with PB & Jams and in This is Radio Clash, Norm Lubow explores the history of music from the 60’s and how it has impacted American and Western civilization.

For more listen to KCOD on 99.9 Coachella FM or download the app at the Apple and Google play store.