The Chaparral

2019-2020 Staff

Melissa Espinoza


Melissa Espinoza is a journalism major and is finishing up her last semester at COD. She hopes to transfer to Fullerton College. Her goal is to travel the world and become a photojournalist.

Omar Romero

Online Editor

Omar Romero is the online editor, staff reporter for The Chaparral. His career goal is to become either a sports radio host, sports commentator on TV, a VA (Voice Actor), or be a VA and a radio host or commentator.

Chloe Strickland

Opinion Editor

Chloe Strickland is the opinion page editor and staff reporter for The Chaparral. She is a journalism major and plans on transferring to a UC in the fall of 2020.

Julio Camacho

Sports Editor

Julio Camacho is the sports editor and a staff reporter for The Chaparral newspaper. He is a film/television major and plans on being a cinematographer or a sports journalist.

Keana Sempek

Staff Reporter

Keana is a second-year student at College of the Desert majoring in journalism. She is a staff reporter and the circulation manager for The Chaparral. A major goal of mine is to be the voice for those who don't have one and to...

Bruno Lopez-Vega

Staff Reporter

Bruno is a journalism major with a pocket HVAC certificate and a DJ for The Garage on KCOD. Bruno enjoys writing no matter what it is. The King of Palm Desert, goes where the wind takes him.

Alexis Carranza

Staff Reporter

Alexis Carranza is a staff reporter for The Chapparal. He is a journalism major at College of the Desert who hopes to transfer to a UC and major in communication in the fall of 2020. Alexis' goal is to travel the world and start...

Amaray Alvarez

Staff Reporter

Amaray Alvarez is a journalism student, staff reporter for The Chaparral and an intern at The Desert Sun. She is interested in political writing and hopes to work in a newsroom or with a campaign.

Ramon Ramirez

Student Life Editor

Ramon is majoring in journalism and in film, television, and electronic media. This is Ramon's last semester at COD. He is also the host of Ray's Reel Rundown at KCOD. Ramon hopes to be a journalist who travels and covers entertainment...

Hector Leyva

Campus Editor

Estefania Moreira

Local Editor

Estefania Moreira is a storyteller and journalist reporter for The Chaparral. She has film and theater experience with a performance background since high school. Estefania loves films and writing to heart. She has written over...

Amber Juarez

Copy Editor

Amber is the copy editor and front page editor for the Chaparral. She is a journalism major. This is her third-semester working at The Chaparral. She plans on transferring to Cal State Fullerton in the fall of 2020.

Johnny Maldonado

Sports Reporter

Laurilie Jackson

Faculty Adviser

Laurilie Jackson is the assistant professor of media production at College of the Desert. She serves as the adviser for The Chaparral newspaper and KCOD Coachella FM radio. Laurilie was a local TV news anchor for ABC and CBS...