Promising future for COD tennis player




College of the Desert student Leticia Dos Santos, 20, majoring in journalismIMG_6268_leticia_RGB has a promising future in tennis.  In October 2014, Dos Santos won the All American tournament in California, then went to the super nationals in South Carolina and ranked 8th in the nation for community college. “I had to pay for everything myself and my coach could not go so I ended up going alone.”, Dos Santos said.

Dos Santos grew up in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Her love for the game started when she was 8 years old. While growing up, her brothers would play tennis and she decided to try it as well.  Not having to play the sport in Brazil, she moved to the desert to achieve her dreams to become a professional tennis player.

Western New Mexico University and Jackson University are already interested in her.  “I work really hard. I’m very committed to my game. Play tennis, then eat is what I say.”, Dos Santos said.

Dos Santos says COD has helped her a lot since she became a Roadrunner. Dos Santos said, “Ever since I got to COD, my game and the way I play tennis have improved so much. Also my English got so much better because I came here not knowing English.”  “After I finish school, I want to become a pro and play for about 2 years and see how that goes.” Dos Santos said.

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