The Living Desert welcomes baby giraffe

It’s a boy!

By Jasmine Hernandez
Local Editor

Congratulations to Dadisi, mother giraffe to a new 128 pound healthy baby boy early Friday, March 28. “We closely watched Dadisi’s progress through her pregnancy and are proud to welcome and introduce a thriving baby giraffe to the community,” said Allen Monroe, President and CEO of The Living Desert.

The 5-foot 9-inch tall newborn was said to be standing within an hour of his birth and can now be found bonding with his mother. The baby giraffe, who has yet to be named, will nurse from anywhere between 9 to 12 months allowing him to double in size.

Before the birth of this beautiful baby giraffe, The Living Desert held a contest to see who could estimate the correct date and time of his birth. The winner has yet to be announced but whoever guessed correctly will be awarded with a private giraffe feeding, along with a year long membership to The Living Desert for the whole family.

Now for the name. The desert zoo, located in Palm Desert, will be having a Ebay auction where the highest bidder will have the right to name this new Living Desert addition, however there are a few suggestions to naming the male baby giraffe. The Living Desert would like the name of the giraffe to have an association with it’s native habitat, Eastern Africa. For more rules on the Ebay auction contest, you can visit

The Living Desert officials will also soon announce more details regarding a baby shower to celebrate the newest member of The Living Desert’s family.

The Living Desert is located at 47900 Portola Avenue in Palm Desert.

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