Upcoming Energy System Technology Program brings employment opportunities to students


By Joseph Dolence
Energy Systems Technology Instructor
Faculty Contributor

A new program under development at College of the Desert (COD) is offering a series of courses to students who are interested in the field(s) of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In this new program, students will learn about renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency techniques. COD Energy Systems Instructor Joseph Dolence, is currently developing the program and encourages many students to become educated in the various ways to generate and conserve electricity.

To date, four of the required six courses that will be necessary for the Energy Systems Technology Certificate of Achievement are available for student enrollment, Introduction to the power Industry, Energy Conservation, Electricity and Electrical Theory and Human Relations in the Workplace.  While the energy certificate program has not been officially offered at COD, any of the required courses taken would be applied to the certificate once the program has been activated.

In the spring semester of 2015 it is anticipated that there will be two more courses available, Energy Systems Technology and Industrial Calculations.  The Energy Systems Technology course will focus specifically on all five disciplines of renewable energy; Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydropower and Biomass.

To receive the Energy Systems Technology Certificate of Achievement, students must complete 20 – 22 units which may be accomplished within two semesters. Core courses account for 18 units with one elective course, ranging from 2 – 4 units.  Elective courses can be taken in subject areas such as natural resources, construction technology, advanced transportation or business. In addition, each course offers an opportunity to receive industry recognized certifications from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).  Individuals interested in taking these courses must be registered as a student to enroll in the classes.

Over one-half (50%) of utility workers will be eligible to retire in the next 6-8 years creating numerous career opportunities that deal with power generation, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management technology. Working with organizations such as Southern California Edison, Imperial Irrigation District or the local electrician’s union are but a few of the career paths that may be chosen.

With over two decades of experience in the electro-mechanical industry, 10 of which is in renewable energy Dolence sees an excellent opportunity for employment in the renewable energy efficiency sector.  Business analysts from all over the world are reporting strong growth in this business sector and anticipate continued growth for the next three decades.

For more information about the current and upcoming courses please contact: professor Dolence at: (760)-636-7960 or jdolence@collegeofthedesert.edu

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