Summer Search for Jobs Begins

By Ashleigh Friends

Student Contributor

As the spring semester at College of the Desert rapidly comes to a close, it’s time for students to start looking for summer jobs. But with snow birds flying home and Stagecoach and The Coachella Music Festival coming to an end, business this summer is expected to be much slower and consequently businesses will be hiring fewer people. As a result, it may be much more difficult for students to find work during the summer than during other times of the year. General Manager of the local Palm Desert Panera Bread Bakery/Café warned his employees that hours would be harshly cut simply due to the slowness of the season. Garrett Bradley, a member of the club LIFE on Campus at COD commented that upon looking for a job he called one manager specifically several times a week until he got the job. Persistence and perseverance are what is going to get students looking for work noticed. An up to date list of businesses that are currently hiring in the Coachella Valley can be found at

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