By Bryanna Czarny
Student Contributor

Twenty-one year old Ray Sanchez, a College of the Desert LVN student, discovered his talent in car photography. Unlike most dreams which start as a child, Sanchez just noticed his ability to shoot exciting photographs four months ago. Today, he continues to take pictures and finds joy in his newly found art.

Ray did not take interest in being a photographer until recently when he browsed the internet for inspiration. Being a car lover, he researches cars every day. While browsing through his car-favorite pages on Google, he found car pictures that caught his attention. “I looked at car pictures online and I drew inspiration from them. If they can take a cool picture like that, why can’t I?” Sanchez questioned.

On Ray’s birthday this year, May 3, he received a digital camera as a gift from his parents. It was this day that led him to take his very first, serious picture. He immediately took his new camera and shot pictures of an old 60’s car with the given name, Nissan Skyline. Sanchez explained to a reporter that his favorite cars are Japanese-made. Sanchez smiled, “It was the first picture I took with my camera that I actually liked.”

The widely-known social media app, Instagram, has been in favor of Sanchez’s photography. A popular page on Instagram, Garage Welt, reached out to Sanchez about his work. They offered him a spot on their website to share his photos, and to implement his own watermark. Although the website focuses mainly on BMW’s, the page owners took interest in Ray’s photography. Now, Ray Sanchez’s car photography is featured on the Garage Welt website.

When asked about why he loves cars so much he responded, “I do not know everything about cars, but I admire them and read about them every day.” Sanchez’s fascination with cars began in high school when his uncle introduced him to the idea that cars are not just objects. Since then, the two have attended multiple car shows in Los Angeles, where Ray takes most of his car photos. Sanchez stated, “I think cars are photogenic and much easier to take pictures of than people or landscapes. Cars are always evolving, and we, the people, evolve with them. That’s why I love them so much.”

Currently, Ray takes photos as a hobby, however, if an opportunity comes his way, he claims to not pass it up. One day, he hopes to have a Japanese-made car of his own and to take pictures of it with better equipment. Sanchez said, “It’s always nice for other people to notice my work and to give me compliments, but I take pictures mostly for myself. I think that anyone who wants to be a photographer should not care what anyone says. You have to start somewhere.” Sanchez continues his car photography today and hopes to inspire others to do what makes them happy for self-satisfaction.

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