Why College of the Desert Gym Has Improved

By Zeinab Hijazi
Student Contributor

While the gym at College of the Desert has people turning heads with its new look, there has been many improvements throughout the campus. One of the main improvements include the new technological qualities. “There’s a lot more smart technology in the new gym,” says Skip Perry, women’s basketball coach for COD. Perry adds, “The new baskets have a new feature of raising and lowering the baskets all at the same time, unlike the old gym where you had to remote each basket one at a time.”

In  the old gym, the basketball players encountered foot traffic because of the weight room and workout classes during their practice hours. Since the gym is only for the sport of basketball, it is more exclusive to the players. Perry mentions, “The girls like the new gym because you can seal it off and have a private practice…it’s just you and the team, they like the privacy of it.” Because the old gym was open for everyone, it was a distraction for some of the players while they had practice.

 Aside from the up to date on the technological features within the new gym, the court itself has a new look to it. Internally, it looks and feels new. The colors inside the court look more vivid and true. The architecture outside the gym building  looks contemporary than the look of the old gym. Not only was the gym focused on and renovated, there are beautiful views seen when leaving the gym.

There have been many considerations when the new gym was made. Considering the extra space of the new gym, there’s more parking places for students to park their vehicle. There is a smaller field in front of the gym that will be used to make a setting for the college students. It will be similar to the setting between Social Sciences and Science buildings. The look will be somewhat similar. This will provide an expansion of more students to have a place to sit.

With all the changes being made in the new buildings, there will be more space for each sport on campus. When the construction takes an end, the entire sports facility will have a new look to it. Not only is this exciting for athletes to see, but for other students that attend College of the Desert.

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