Parking on campus

By Russell Shelden
Student Contributor

The parking around COD has been met with mixed emotions, both good and bad. Students who drive to campus find that some parking areas don’t accommodate them well, while faculty on the campus have found a few issues of their own. Though these issues have been brought to the attention of security, it has not made them nonexistent. Parking has an impact on those who need to be punctual to class and these issues must be attended to so a solution can be found.

Most students on campus either commute by car or by motorcycle. This has brought some division mostly in terms of who parks where. Motorcyclist, Jason Gregg, has claimed that there are too few places close enough to campus designated as parking for motorcycles. Most have to find space in spots that are meant to be used by larger vehicles, which does not make the motorist happy. Likewise, as expressed by a COD student who commutes by car, drivers are aggravated enough without the added concern of colliding with a motorcycle they may not see while in a rush to park their vehicles.

COD faculty have stated that most of the parking issues have to do with both the lack of handicap parking and shading for most faculty lots. According to a DSPS staff member, there are an estimated six hundred students that they look after, and there is not enough disabled parking available in order to accommodate them. COD professor, Denise Diamond, commented on the fact that the staff parking lots are not covered which gives them a lack of protection from the elements.

When a security officer was approached about the issues regarding parking, he had a different perspective. When security comes across motorcycles parking in a car parking space they usually have seen two to three in a single spot. That with new lots being opened to students there is plenty of space to accommodate the vehicles. When the lack of handicap parking for disabled students was brought up he stated that no issues have been raised due to handicapped drivers parking in regular parking spaces. The only issues that have been dealt with are those without the proper permits parking in student lots.

Parking on the COD campus has proven to have been adequate since recent remodeling however as the issues addressed have shown there are still some improvements that can be made. For the motorcyclist, designated parking for motorcycles can be moved closer to the campus to eliminate the need of using parking meant for cars. This will in turn serve to leave open extra space that regular drivers can make use of or can even be put aside to be reserved as more handicapped parking. As for the faculty parking the solar panels that have been placed in the student parking lots have been effective in terms of shading. To this end why not do something similar on a smaller scale for the faculty lots. Though this does not necessarily have to be solar panels but a structure of the same design to provide the needed shading and protection.

On the surface these issues may not come across as vital, they still, nonetheless, have given some a twinge of annoyance. It is not only for the students, but also the faculty that these issues should be brought to light and dealt with. Of course, there may be a better way to handle these parking issues because something must be done in order to make the academic environment a little less stressful for everyone.

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