How an Iphone saved a women’s life

By Celena Reyes

Student Contributor

A 28-old–year woman recognized as Melissa Vasquez was rescued Tuesday morning after she crashed into Mount Hamilton in San Jose, California. She spent 15 hours face down inside her car in a deep ledge about 500 feet down.  A crew member of the U.S. Coast Guard was lowered down by helicopter to an area full of trees to find the white Chevrolet sedan believed to belong to Ms. Vasquez. Down below, she was surrounded by firefighters and the sheriff’s department. Firefighters needed to cut away brush because the winds made it difficult for the helicopter to land. Within 15 minutes Vazquez was carried into the Regional Medical Center of San José by 9 a.m. Due to the incident,  the westbound road was closed down, so drivers were advised to take another route.

Vasquez’s step-mom had called Campbell police to report that Melissa had not been home. Campbell police were alerted of a possible crash by  “OnStar,” the on board security system. Officials had looked around for two hours but couldn’t locate the car. The alert had also said that the tires had left the ground and that her Chevrolet was located near her home.

A tech-police officer, David Cameron, figured out Vasquez’s home computer password which he used to locate Melissa’s iPhone using the Find My iPhone app and lead officials to where the accident occurred. It took Cameron 3 tries to figure out Vasquez’s password. “I just tried to make an educated guess,” he said. Once Cameron was logged into the app, more than half of the agency rushed to the scene.

Officials have not made it clear how the accident happened, police are investigating, but alcohol and drugs were not factors in the incident.  According to the hospital chief operating officer Sandy Yanko, Vazquez is being treated for major injuries at the hospital.

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